How to connect speakers to the TV?

How to connect speakers to the TV?

Process Technology does not stand still, but life dictates its own terms, and in practice often so happens that the consumer is not satisfied with the power and sound quality TV.Connecting additional speakers or speaker becomes the best way out of this situation.When connecting the speakers often have to use adapters, receivers, special adapters and wires, music center and amplifiers.Correctly identify the version of how to connect the speakers to the TV set the following options for help.

Connection via standalone stereo amplifier

this system is specially adapted to work with powerful speakers and the sound will be played back it is almost perfect.Built-in subwoofer amplifier distributes a standalone high-quality sound evenly over the columns based on how much they are connected (from 3 to 7 pieces).The system is connected similar to the music center.In cases where the stereo has an extra wide SCART connector, equipped with two lines of contact in, for connection to a TV using SCART-TRS or SCART-RCA adapter.This is useful if your TV has only a SCART connector.Very often connect speakers to the television lg manage it using an optical audio output (digital version) or via a SCART (analog version).

Connection via stereo (tape)

Audio playback via the music center or tape is much better than playing a TV or computer speakers cost.A TV connection with these devices made using the above described adapter.And TRS - connector is 3.5 mm and RCA output is more curved look, which is why "the people" is called the "bell."Finding the corresponding outputs on your TV and VCR, connect them specifically designed for this purpose wire.

Connecting speakers from

computer most often of poor quality or insufficient sound TV speakers are required staffing model, despite the fact that the very sound processor handles pretty good soundtrack.Connecting to the TV speakers from the computer can easily solve this problem.They are equipped with a 3.5 mm jack, near which there is a headphone icon, but better sound quality can only be expected in the case, if the plug-in speakers built-in amplifier.You can be one hundred percent sure that the speakers have power, if they are included in the voltage of 220 V network, and the sound level is adjusted directly on the speakers themselves.

Connection via component stereo system.

The advantage of this type of speaker connection to a TV is that with the help of a component stereo system can be connected to speakers of any capacity.This system is a, tandem receiver and amplifier, and connect it with one of the above methods, allowing you to expand the possibilities of its application.Connect the speakers to the TV samsung best through AV-receiver (amplifier).In this case, the use of passive speakers.With various cable directly to the TV connected powered speakers.