How to choose a camcorder?

How to choose a camcorder?

Select camera - is not easy, then rush to anything.What criteria rukovodstvovseatsya when searching for the best option in the market, do not know everything, but there is a certain list of characteristics that are able to point out which camera is better.Today, when the markets are crammed with a variety of camera models, choose something really worthwhile difficult, because if you believe instructions - all cameras simply flawless and it is better not find them anywhere.Below are the key parameters that tell us how to choose the right camera


Types There are three types of cameras: analog (but not released), digital and HDV.

Today, digital cameras, but if you choose, when you have enough money to buy recommended HDV model.

Conventional digital cameras shoot in PAL format, which are all broadcast on television, but soon to change the format of the broadcast and PAL HDV completely relinquish the place, so the future belongs to those cameras.

With camera type clear, the choice is obvious, but how to choose a digital camcorder?

camcorder recording format

Recording can be done in the Digital 8, mini DV, micro MV, DVD, Mpeg 4. Cameras, which is written in the first three formats are still using film, but are digital.The best option primarily consider devices that write video to Mpeg 4 format, since the information is stored on a hard drive or USB flash drive and can be viewed at any convenient time.

optics (lenses) in camcorders

One of the most important factors in choosing to be Optics, which is installed on the device.Mostly leading companies use their lenses, but there are also a popular camera with Carl Zeiss optics in the world.If a bad camera lens - it is not worth it to spend the money on it.

Video camera viewfinder

mirror or the optical viewfinder is used to select the desired angle, different settings or simply monitor the recording process.Better to give the advantage to the camera viewfinder mirror, because in the present optical one drawback - they shift the image slightly to the side and under the supervision of the shooting will not be seen the image that is actually recorded.

Modern camera as a viewfinder using LCD, it is practical and convenient.

Optical and digital zoom

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the objects that are at different distances and with no increase can not do.When you select a camera you should pay attention to the ratio of «optical zoom» (optical zoom).Do not choose the camera whose maximum zoom, in fact, in normal shooting it will be used very rarely.Himself zoom is not a very important factor when choosing a camera, because the approach of quality is lost, and this is important, so the camera will zoom to 200 or 500, it is not so important.

CCD (CCD video camera)

The best choice would be the camera, which is pretty big diagonal matrix, it will allow for high sensitivity shooting even in very low light.

Matrix resolution is measured in pixels, it is optimal variant with 1-3 megapixels.The technology is used professional cameras with three matrices, thereby possible to achieve the best color.These cameras cost a lot of money and definitely will not be the best choice for shooting video in the home.

image stabilizer in the camera

With him avoid vibrations when shooting pictures.All current models, this stabilizer is set, but it is better to pay attention to the camera's optical stabilizer, it is much better than electronic.

camcorder sensitivity

If originally intended to film in places where the light is very weak, it is necessary to take a camera with a high sensitivity level.Measure the sensitivity in lux, optimally, when the camera this parameter is 0.1 lux (allows you to shoot with a minimum light).

Sound on camcorders

new models allow write stereo, and DVD-model altogether can record Dolby Digital 5.1.When you buy should pay attention to the presence of connectivity options remote microphone and record sound in two channels, it gives an opportunity to leave their own comments to the record.

With the help of this article you can have at least some notion of how to choose a camera so as not to overpay extra money, but to get the perfect option for themselves.

Now you know how to choose the right camera!