How to choose a water heater ?

How to choose a water heater ?

Hot water is one of the factors of comfort.Unfortunately, local service is not always able to properly ensure its supply.This leads to the need to find alternatives.For those who are not satisfied with the "tricks" with buckets and pots, there is one way to solve the problem - the purchase of the water heater.

First of all, talking about how to choose a water heater, you should raise the issue of their classification.Thus, to date offers gas and electric boilers.It is logical to assume that the first to use an energy source gas, and the second - electricity.In addition, flow-through water heaters and can be cumulative.Recent designs have in their tank that accumulates a certain amount of water and heats it.With regard to the flow devices, they do not have such a tank.Water is heated in them "on the fly" motion through the pipes of the system.

Gas water heaters

Perhaps one of the most famous water heaters in our country is a gas water heater.They were set back in Stalin's time and has successfully served over the years.Modern gas instantaneous water heaters have become more productive, safe and cost-effective, but the basis remains the same.The water passes through the system of channels, and wherein heated by the gas.All manufacturers that produce these products today, pays great attention to safety.So, for example, virtually all gas water heaters are equipped with safety valves shut off the flow of gas if the burner goes out.modern models of the ignition system is fully automated, which at times simplifies the process of working with the unit.

Many gas water heaters provide a smooth temperature control.With all of this equipment ensures constant temperature regardless of the pressure drops in the water.The main advantage of this type of products is their efficiency, because the gas rates are generally lower than electricity.

gas instantaneous water heaters: how to choose

Presented devices are different, first of all, power.So, if you do not plan to use both a shower and washing, for example, dishes in the kitchen, you will have enough power unit 18-19 kW.In the case where it is necessary the simultaneous use of several cranes, choose products with capacity of 24 kW.Such models can provide a larger flow of hot water.

Electric water heaters

Boilers running on the network can be both flow-through and cumulative.Recent water is heated to 55-75 degrees, and then automatically maintain its temperature.Due to the fact that the heating is carried out gradually, water heaters do not require a large electric power.Therefore, most of the models can be connected to an ordinary wall socket.Thus, even large 150 liter consume current models, usually not more than 1.5-2 kW.It is an economical consumption, which allows you to install these devices in almost any environment, making them incredibly popular.

Regarding the shortcomings of accumulative water heaters, the main ones are the large size and the need for periodic maintenance.It may include the replacement of the magnesium rims, descaling.In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the volume limited by the size of the treated water tank.Heating of the new "portion" requires a lot of time.Thus, for example, the middle 30 liter boiler heats the water for 45-60 minutes.

capacity electric water heater can range from 10 to 500 liters.Therefore, for each specific case we can choose the best option.For taking a shower one person usually takes 25-30 liters of hot water.Accordingly, the boiler and must be selected.

Continuing the theme of how to choose a water heater, it must be said that the water in modern boilers cools very slowly.On the average, does not exceed the temperature drop of 0.5 degree per hour.To date, there are boilers that can run on multiple sources of energy.For example, on electricity and heating systems (stand-alone or centralized).If you do not know how to choose a water heater for the house, pay attention to this option.This versatile device during the heating season will heat the water from the coil, which is connected to the heating system.At the same time, the warm water will be heated using electricity.

Instantaneous electric water heaters

Next, let's talk about how to choose a water heater electric flow.When choosing a device of this type should take into account the fact that the water is heated directly.Naturally, the heating element imposing power required to achieve such an effect.It is an indicator of capacity and should be guided in the selection of the flow device.It is logical to assume that electric heaters are used more, which is their major disadvantage.Plus, the use of these devices requires a separate electric cable summarizing.

An advantage of these products is the possibility to issue an unlimited amount of hot water.In addition, the flow system does not require regular maintenance.Another disadvantage of instantaneous water heaters is that they give out warm water, not hot as boilers, and can not simultaneously provide water several points.

Continuing the theme of how to choose a water heater flow, it should be said about the need to address the expected water flow.So, to wash the dishes, you will need about 4-6 kW of power, you need a minimum of 8 kW for the soul.For those who like to take a bath suitable boiler capacity not less than 13 kW.This also should be guided in choosing the optimal device.It should be noted that the three-phase models for high-voltage power supply should be carried out with 380 V. Therefore, in most of the apartments the installation of such equipment is not possible or technically complicated.

Now you know how to choose a water heater.We hope that these tips will really help you!