How to connect the mixer ?

How to connect the mixer ?

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How to connect the mixer?

Creation of contemporary musicians, and especially those that are used in the electronics, music, hard to imagine without the use of a variety of equipment for sound processing.It is used to improve the process of making music, to make it as convenient as possible, perfect and universal.For these purposes the musicians and people of other professions working with sound, connect to a computer mixing consoles.These devices provide many new features when working with sound.For information on how to connect the mixer to the computer correctly and will be discussed further.

How to connect the mixer: the basic ways

Before you connect the mixer to the computer, you should become familiar with the device of the mixer, which will need to be connected - found on the rear panel of the ins and connectors and matching cables, their namesand destination.This will help speed up the connection process.To learn how to configure the mixer, it is best to read the manual for each particular device, as features may vary depending on the characteristics of his devices.

As for ways to connect, they will be the same for all models of mixers.Namely:

  1. If you connect the mixer via its line-in (its corresponding cable Line In), the computer will become a source of sound.If the connection is made properly, the computer will give one of the channels of a stereo signal.On the right you turn the mixer described in the article How to enable the mixer.
  2. to record music using a computer is required to connect the mixer to the computer via the connector «Master» or outputs «Booth».This should be done using a cable with a stereo jack 3.5 on one end and two RCA connectors on the other, using all the same line input.
  3. If your computer is a multi-channel sound card, then use it to make sense to connect two channel mixer and two stereo signal.In this case, the sound quality information, which is made on the computer will be much higher.
  4. to change the settings of computer programs when working with sound through the mixer is possible only if the mixer has a USB-output, or if it supports «midi».

In order to avoid problems with connection of the mixer, you should use high-quality mixers from known, proven manufacturers.