How to choose the knitting machine ?

How to choose the knitting machine ?

Skilled workers who are professionally engaged in sewing, after a certain amount of time thinking about purchasing a special knitting machine.They are ideal for creating beautiful knitting patterns that are perfect for any outfit.Since the management of the knitting machine is automated, the execution of complex processes become even more simple.Now let's see how to choose the knitting machine correctly.

machines Classification

Before you pick up the car for yourself, you need to understand the principle of its work.On any machine, you can perform a specific set of binding types.The simplest knitting machines specialize in knitting a simple monochrome fiber that experts are often called embroidery.On the basis of this and made all other types of bindings.In general, all designed with a simple typewriter for about eight types of matings.If combined, their number will increase by several times.

Classify knitting machines can be for a variety of symptoms.The most important are the number of Fontoura.Cars can be odnofonturnymi and system can be both mechanical and electronic.Now let's try to decide which is better knitter.

  • Odnofonturnaya machine - this is such a knitting machine, which performs the most simple and primitive types of matings.With its use of the web will vyvyazyvayut one-sided, that is, will have both front and seamy side.
  • dvuhfonturnye Knitting machines contain special additional Fontoura, substantially extends the capabilities of the device.With it you can get a unique dvuhlitsevoe canvas.On any machine technology products specific shape is performed by adding the reducing and loops.If mechanical machine, the process is carried out using special deck of cards, and if the electronic machine, it is done using a special program.

What kind of car to choose

Automated machines have a significant number of opportunities and simplify complex procedures.So no surprise that the cost of such knitting machines are much higher mechanical.

also process the kind of knitting machine choose depends on your needs.If you do not need a car for professional work, it is best not to spend the extra money and buy a mechanical knitting machine.Most importantly, you are guided in the instructions for its use, and it has not proved to be too difficult for you.

Many seamstresses say that the best knitter - domestic, but this is not the case.As for the simple mechanical machines, they are really the best, but the complex mechanisms better to buy imported.Therefore, before purchasing the device, read the instructions and the estimate, you will be able to work with it, because the work should be fun.