How to connect Tricolor package?

How to connect Tricolor package?

In this article we consider in detail how to connect a packet Tricolor TV - Russian operator of satellite television broadcasts in the European part of the state, and in its outlying areas (the Far East, Siberia).

unique receiver identifier

unique identifier consists of twelve or fourteen digits, and only it occurs account of subscribers in the system.That it specify when purchasing any treatment or package of channels to the operator.

Learn it does not make any particular problems:

  1. To do this, take your smart card and reading room with its front side.Or visit the official website of the Tricolor in the "Help" section and select the item "Check ID".
  2. Then choose your model of the proposed receiver below and click "Finish".

pay packages of channels

  1. then pay the selected channel package, using the most suitable for you:
    • payment terminals;
    • mail;
    • payment cards;
    • bank transfer;
    • electronic payment systems (WebMoney or Yandex);
    • payment via mobile devices;
    • from specialized dealers.
  2. Select the service and the payment is made.
  3. Then check credited to his personal account on the official website of the Tricolor.
  4. To do this, enter your ID number and password of the receiver.
  5. If you are not registered, then checking in.


receiving device Upon completion of all the selected channel package payment procedure is expected to receive an updated channel list that will come within 72 hours.

  1. To do this, switch the device to the reception on any channel that is encoded, and leave it enabled for at least 8 hours, turning off the TV at the same time.
  2. After this period of time run the search and update your list of channels.


packages to the basic package Tricolor include:

  1. basic package, which includes 10 free TV channels.
  2. «Optimum", which includes a large selection of different channels on different topics.
  3. «Maximum HD», includes hundreds of channels of SD and more than twenty in HD.
  4. package "Cinemas" is ideal for home theater enthusiasts.
  5. younger viewers interested in the package "Children", which contains a huge number of TV shows with children's themes.
  6. Package "Our football" is simply gorgeous gift to football fans.

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