How do I connect my player?

How do I connect my player?

Many PC users are often dissatisfied with the audio system, which gives the computer speakers, and want to connect it to your TV and home theater system, to watch a movie or play in stereo.However, the connection to the home theater is often not as simple as it might seem at first glance, especially if you do not know how to connect the DVD-player to the computer.

Consider this question in more detail.

How to connect DVD-player to the computer correctly

Connect to a computer DVD-player in several ways, but it is necessary to consider some nuances:

  • Do not try to connect DVD-player to a PC or laptop via usb-cable,especially if the older generation DVD-player.The devices may not be compatible in software due to the fact that the computer and the player will not be able to decide who is "more important".Among other things may be different usb-connectors;
  • Connect the player can be in a different way, using a SATA-USB cables and the hard drive from the computer.However, in this case it is necessary to format the hard drive in FAT32 file system, which itself with today's new NTFS file system format is inconvenient.In addition, the wire will have to be connected directly by opening the computer unit.Perhaps such a method is suitable only with a removable drive.But then it will work like a normal USB flash drive;
  • most optimal option connecting the player to a computer is connected via a wire "minijack - tulips."Minijack is inserted into your computer's sound system and tulips in a DVD-player;
  • You can buy a TV tuner or video capture card.Then, simply connect the player and the computer through the necessary connectors.However, such equipment is expensive;
  • If the DVD-player is included in the home theater, then in this case it will act as an intermediary between your computer and the audio system.Connect in this case is simple, if the computer sound card has a five-channel output.

Once connected, you must also configure the computer and DVD-player.

How to configure a computer and the player after connecting

to adapt the computer's sound card to the new environment, it is necessary on the way "Control Panel - Sound" to set up the equipment for at least five or more speakers depending on the actual number of speakers connected.This computer will adjust to the new equipment and will evenly and properly distribute the sound columns.

The DVD-player is also necessary to specify in the settings right channel audio input and output for the correct receipt and signal processing.

To adjust the equalizer and sound settings can be used as a computer sound card, or through DVD-Player menu.

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