How do I turn the oven ?

How do I turn the oven ?

Currently on the market you can find several types of ovens.The most common of them - a gas and in electric.Today's find out how they are incorporated.

How to enable electric oven

Modern hostess, of course, could not do without an electric cooker.They almost completely replacing the gas counterparts because they are considered dangerous mene, and the food they cook more quickly, since it warms up evenly.But first you need to figure out how to turn on the oven.

makes the difference from electric oven gas is that its inclusion does not need special lighters, matches.Plugs, sockets, better normal stress (in the brochure to the device must be indicated for any supply voltage not allowed to use the oven) - almost included!

before using mandatory to read the operating instructions and technical data sheet scroll on electric stove.So, you can avoid many problems in matters of its operation, care.The instructions in black and white pointed out that the main purpose of the electric oven is cooking a variety of products from all kinds of products - dough, meat, vegetables and other.

device Electroovens Electroovens

consist of an outer, outer shell and a thermally insulated chamber.It includes a housing and a base.The camera has either quartz or gallogen heaters with different power (usually the power of the four heaters 0, 3-0, 5 kW).Glass door closes the heating chamber.Nearby there is a control panel, where you will see a turn-indicator lamp in the network and the thermostat.It is designed to establish and maintain the temperature.

In some models have included a timer, by which the hostess can expose you need for cooking meals and quiet time to do other things without worrying that lunch will burn or not dopechet.When the time will come, you hear a beep and immediately turns off the oven itself.The oven is turned on as follows:

  • Electric switch on the network.
  • Set the thermostat knob to position the desired temperature for baking specific food.
  • Loading pan with food to achieve the desired temperature.
  • When the cooking process is complete, set the temperature control knob.
  • The "0" position, remove the plug from the socket.

How do I turn the oven gas stove

Since increasingly used electric cookers, many are confused or simply forget how to turn the gas oven.Complexities will arise, particularly if there are instructions at hand and the technical data sheet plate.

difference from the electric oven is not necessary to use electricity and gas, respectively, open fire cooking.If the plate is not provided for electric ignition, you can use a simple match or lighter.Apparatus

gas oven

Most gas oven apparatus includes a burner tube with a curved holes for fire-tube or two burners to the sides.If you open the oven door and take a close look at the bottom an iron pan, you will see one or two holes for plugs.

  • Turn the burner valve and set the required temperature.
  • Light lighters, matches.
  • Bring the burner to the hole and wait until the flame spreads all over the burner.Then you can close the door.

Remember that the gas need to be especially careful and not to allow the flame went out, and remain on the hotplate!