What is the ESP?

What is the ESP?

Many car manufacturers already include ESP in the design of cars they produce.This technology has not yet managed to find its place in the base of each individual model.So far, ESP - this is only an optional feature that reduces the risk of accidents by as much as 30 percent.Today, we'll deal with this concept.

What is ESP?

ESP (Electronic Stability Control) - is a system of exchange rate stability of the car.The presence of such a system in your car significantly reduces the risk of being involved in serious accidents and, therefore, saves your life.ESP stabilization system is also called.There is a special control unit which controls the operation of the system.Sensors installed in various parts of the car, keep track of the direction of movement of the machine frame.Their data is largely dependent on the position of the steering wheel and accelerator pedal.Also, the control center receives information on lateral acceleration and drift characteristics.

At the time, when on the road there is a situation in which the driver can not control the car, ESP system comes into operation immediately.The system automatically detects a dangerous situation.ESP corrects the course of driving.How does this happen?The system includes a turn-on brake wheels depending on the situation.Or both wheels on the sides of the machine or by one front or rear wheels.In this case, the system decides whether braking of a wheel based on objective data obtained from the sensors.At the very least, ESP system cuts off fuel to the engine, that is "strangling" him, stopping the car.This complex process is seamless and fast.The main role in it belongs to the interaction of the ESP control unit and anti-lock braking system ABS.

Thus, ESP - this software addition to the ABS system.By itself, ESP system will be useless.So, if your intention is to purchase and install ESP, then you need to ensure the presence of ABS on your car.

It turns out that the cost of ESP technology is not very high.But, at the moment, many motorists have to pay big money for the installation of this option, which can save lives in an emergency.On the part of car manufacturers - it is at least a sacrilege.

new standards for crash-test cars were fitted in February 2009.Now, Euro NCAP system includes its new test criterion.It is the presence of ESP stability control system.This is due to the fact that until 2009, almost all the cars gained the maximum score on the results of crash tests.To make the auto manufacturers to provide their customers greater security, it was decided to tighten checks.This is the right attitude, we believe.After all, there is no better aspirations than the desire to save lives and ensure maximum security.

Many drivers who had experienced ESP on the road, said that he would never buy a car without ESP system.Many car manufacturers have long offered only ESP as an option, but for the moment, most of the "civilized" vehicles have a stabilization system in its basic configuration.Many drivers called ESP electronic guardian angel.

Never skimp on the safety of themselves and their loved ones.I think about buying a new car, be sure to ask the question of whether it is installed on the ESP system.If not, then this car is better not to buy.Life and health of your loved ones depends also on you.When driving, remember, you are responsible for the lives of your passengers.