How to enable multivarku ?

How to enable multivarku ?

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To enable multivarku?

multivarka - an automatic cooking appliance with a diverse range of functions, which are intended for cooking.

Cook, stew, fry, steamed - it's all possible with the help of Multivarki to the same device is able to maintain the temperature of cooked food for a long time.

To enable multivarku

  1. multivarku Get out of the box and remove all stickers that are promotional in nature - they are not needed.In no case do not touch the serial number, which is likely, pasted bottom of the device, since its absence would deprive the right of a guarantee.
  2. Wipe the case with a damp cloth without using any chemicals.
  3. But the bowl in which food is prepared best to thoroughly rinse under running water and soap.Then leave it open to dry completely.
  4. You can now turn multivarku.

Many users when you first start to notice an unpleasant smell of plastic, some get scared and decide to take it to the store, but do not panic, as it is quite natural for all devices, which are made of plastic.

How to get rid of the smell of plastic

To get rid of the smell, you need one or two times to boil water in it with a small piece of lemon.To do this:

  1. Pour water into the bowl, close the lid and turn the mode "Steaming" or "soup" in order to get the water boiling.It is best to do this procedure, even if there is no smell.
  2. Once you multivarku washed inside and out, you can start cooking.

What if multivarka not included

If you decide to include multivarku the first time, but she did not respond to any of your manipulations, it is best to immediately take it back to the store.Keep in mind that any mechanical intervention will adversely affect the warranty repair - service center will simply refuse to troubleshoot Multivarki.

If multivarka turned off during cooking, it is likely not exposed to the correct cooking mode or too laid a large number of products.

Sometimes, inadvertently, you can include in multivarku broken socket or to forget to do it.Therefore, if multivarka does not work, check if everything is properly connected, if the light turned off.In either case, connect the unit to a grounded outlet.

The article How to use multivarka you'll find useful information if you just purchased multivarku the first time.