How do I turn the stove ?

How do I turn the stove ?

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How do I turn the stove?

Nowadays, gas or electric stove is available in every home, but nevertheless even experienced housewives sometimes do not know how to turn on a stove unfamiliar design.

How to turn the gas stove

before turning a new gas stove, carefully read the instructions supplied with it.If the instruction you for some reason is not available, or you want to turn on the stove design unfamiliar to you, such as cooking at a party or in a rented apartment, check the front panel of a gas stove - it is next to each pen conventional image should be applied, indicating whichhob it manages.

Locate suitable to plate a gas pipe and open the valve embedded in it.Typically, the gas in the pipes is covered ball valve, if you set the same tap, turn the handle so that it is parallel to the gas pipe.

Manual burner ignition

In the most simple gas stove ignited manually using matches or lighters special.Decide what kind of burner you turn, and Orient, which handle on the plate corresponds to it.Light the match and held it to the edge of the burner, drown handle burners (t. E. Slightly push it), and simultaneously rotate counter-clockwise.When gas began to flow to the burner ignited, quickly remove your hand from hot plates and extinguish the match.Install the gas knob to the maximum position, make sure that the gas is lit around the perimeter of the flat blue flame burners, then turn the knob to adjust the supply of the desired quantity.

Likewise, you can turn on the gas stove using a cigarette lighter, but in this case there is one small caveat - Lighter for gas cookers come in two types - piezoelectric or elektrozazhigalki.If Piezo lighters, before you click on its button, you need only remove the fuse and bring it to the burner, then elektrozazhigalku you must first enable the network.

Integrated ignition burners

If the left side of this panel you will find the button, which is schematically drawn about the spark, then your stove is equipped with a semi-automatic electric ignition function.

gas stove equipped with a function of semiautomatic or fully automatic ignition device, the Kindle is much easier.In the first case it is only necessary to press the handle of the desired cooking zone, turn it a quarter turn counter-clockwise and simultaneously press the button zlekropodzhiga.When the gas lights, you can adjust the flame.In the second embodiment, the gas in the burner will light up immediately after turning the handle without any additional action.Note: The most modern gas stoves are equipped with gas flow control system.In these plates the knob after the burning of gas can not be immediately let go, otherwise the burner may go out.To avoid this, the knob must be held in the depressed state for about 10 seconds.

about how to turn on the oven to gas stoves, described in detail in the article How to turn on the oven to gas stove.

How to enable an electric cooker

Electric stoves included a lot easier than gas.

  • In classical inclusion Electric burners and the oven is carried out by means of controls located on its front panel.The same controls and varies the degree of heat.Typically, each control has four fixed positions, from position "0", in which the burner or oven is turned off completely, and ending position "3", which is carried out at maximum heating.Typically, the knobs are turned clockwise.To enable this plate, only need to turn the knob corresponding to the desired cooking zone, in the direction shown and install it in the desired position.
  • In most modern stove with touch control switch and mode selection is carried out by simply touching the desired button.