How do I use the diffuser ?

How to use the diffuser?

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How to use the diffuser?

Diffuser is a special nozzle for the hair dryer, which gives the hair volume, and also allows you to form beautiful curls. Not every woman or girl knows how to use a diffuser. About this magic nozzle and talk in this article.

First let's see how the diffuser looks like, after all it's possible that it was bundled with your hair dryer, but for not being able to use it - it's forgotten and dusted in the box. So, the diffuser is one of the nozzles used for drying hair, in form it looks like a wide disk( up to 15 cm in diameter), with several air holes, and also "fingers".In this case, the "fingers" can be of different lengths, and can be arranged in different ways. For example, the tops of the "fingers" of some nozzles form a concave surface, others - a straight line. Also there are diffusers, the "fingers" of which are on a soft base, due to which they become mobile.

Before you talk about how to use the diffuser for hair, it's worth noting that in addition to its direct function - giving the hair a splendor, this nozzle dissipates the air. And this allows:

  • Make the drying more gentle, so the diffuser is irreplaceable, if you often dry your hair with a hairdryer.
  • Make drying faster than a conventional nozzle, since warm air covers most of the hair than with a conventional nozzle.

How to properly use the diffuser

Before you do the styling, the hair should be washed and towel dried. In addition, as with any laying, you will need different tools for styling( you can also use special tools to form curls).First, apply gel or mousse( with the necessary fixation force) to your hair. Do not forget to evenly distribute it from the roots to the tips. You can use your favorite remedy, in addition, not superfluous, there will be a hair protection product.

After you have applied the necessary styling products to your hair, tilt your head on your side( or if it's more convenient).To create more accurate curls, a hairdryer should not be turned on at once. First, bring the hair dryer to the hair from below( perpendicular to the head), slowly and gently close the nozzle and threaded hair to her head, and then turn it on. Dry hair, turn off the hairdryer, after which, repeat the same with the next part of the hair. If you want to get the effect of more disheveled ringlets, then do it all the same, but right away with the hair dryer on. After you have dried one half of the head, tilt it to the other side, and continue the styling.

When all hair is dried, fix the hair, sprinkling it with varnish, while directing the varnish from the bottom up. If you still have a hard time understanding how to use the diffuser, a video on the Internet will help you learn how to style your hair with it.

It should be noted that women with curly hair, or a chemical wave simply need a hair dryer with a diffuser. How to use it in case of curly hair, you ask. In the same way as described above, there are no differences. Your curls will be more distinct and elastic. To create a larger effect, use a diffuser with moving fingers.

How to use the diffuser: tips

  • Do not scratch your hair after laying( do it only before laying), otherwise the whole effect of the diffuser will go away. If the effect of strands is not necessary to you, but you just want voluminous hair, then before spraying with varnish, comb your hair.
  • For long hair use a diffuser with long "fingers", for short hair - with short fingers.
  • To make the hair volume, the head should be tilted as much as possible( so that the hair at the roots is stronger).
  • Be sure to use styling products that match your hair type.
  • If you have curvy hair, be careful with the diffuser, so as not to get a strange shock of hair instead of a romantic hairstyle.
  • To increase the volume, use a nozzle in which the holes are located in the "fingers".
  • If you have straight and stiff hairs that are difficult to lay down, the effect of the curls on using the diffuser will not be achieved.

Now you know how to use the nozzle diffuser, as well as know what it should be used for.