How to use the oven ?

Each house has a gas or electric stove. It is used daily and several times a day, which can not be said about the oven or the oven. Oven - a very useful invention, because with its help you can cook the most delicious and your favorite dishes. In this article we will look at how to use the oven, what it is like and its advantages.

Gas ovens

Before installing the oven, it is necessary to carefully study the installation and use manual:

  • The main parameter of the oven is its capacity. Volumetric ovens are suitable for a large family. Because it can be cooked more portions. Usually, in such ovens are installed a grill, spit and other additional devices.
  • After you have prepared any dish, the oven must be thoroughly cleaned. Try to do this regularly, because burnt leftovers of food will be harder to clean. By the way, in expensive branded plates, there is a function of automatic cleaning of walls. It can be switched on either during cooking or after it.
  • If the oven has a built-in skewer with skewers, then you can cook up to one kilogram of meat and fry about four sticks of shish kebab.

Let's look at a few more tips on how to use a gas stove oven.

  • First - always check the oven before cooking. It may contain food residues or baking molds.
  • Second - install the shelves in the cells that you need at the moment, so as not to do it in the preheated oven.
  • Third - light the oven and adjust the required temperature.
  • Fourth - put the forms with the products after the optimum temperature reaches the level you need. Now the gas ovens are improved to such an extent that they allow you to see the temperature heating levels, and even alert you with sound signals.
  • Fifth - you do not need to put dishes in the unheated oven, as it will be prepared unevenly.
  • Sixth - do not open the oven door too often, because every time you open it, the oven loses heat. As a result, your food will be prepared longer.

How to use the electric oven

The electric oven has many advantages. Some people specifically buy such ovens, although they already have gas. The main plus is that they can set the temperature even at five degrees. In such ovens not only the top, bottom, but also the side panels and the back wall are heated. There are multifunction electric ovens with basic operating modes:

  • You can defrost frozen food with the oven fan to room temperature.
  • It is possible to defrost frost with warm air, which is created by the operation of the fan and the lower heater. This mode is perfect for mushrooms, fruits, as well as drying vegetables.
  • With the upper and lower heater turned on, regular dishes are prepared, such as cottage cheese, pizza and pies.
  • In order to speed up the cooking process, you need to turn on the upper, lower heater and fan. In this mode, you can cook fried vegetables, casserole and roast.
  • With the fan and heater around, you can quickly prepare your favorite dishes at different levels. Because in this case there is a rapid and uniform filling of heat throughout the oven.
  • Turn on the upper fan, to brown the baking or other food.
  • You can cook meat, sandwiches, fish, fillets, vegetables and various casseroles if the grill heating element is turned on. In this mode, heat is directly directed to the products.
  • If you want your dishes to be ruddy and crispy, turn on the fan and grill heating element. In this version, they prepare shish kebab, baked meat, and the whole bird.

With such an electric oven, even the most inexperienced hostess will become a chef in her kitchen. Having read the article, you have an idea of ​​how to use a gas oven and an electric oven. And most importantly, your dishes will always be the most delicious, unusual, whatever it was. The most important thing here is to choose it in such a way that it is sufficiently functional and has long served without breakdowns. We wish you a successful purchase!

How to use the oven?