When pass inspection ?

When to pass the inspection?

Since 2013, passing the inspection passed from the hands of the state to private organizations. Nevertheless, it is still possible to perform this procedure at the stations of the TRP.As a rule, when a vehicle inspection is needed, two documents are prepared: a certificate of registration of a technical vehicle( if the car is not registered - the vehicle's passport) and a driver's license. If you travel by proxy, most likely, she will need it. The fee for conducting maintenance varies in the region of 700 rubles.

Frequency of passing the inspection

When pass inspection of cars and trucks - let's consider. If the car is new, then during the first three years it is released from passing the TO, in the next four years it needs to pass every two years, if the car is more than seven years, then THAT must pass annually. Specialized cars, as well as buses and passenger taxis, must perform this procedure every six months.

At the moment, instead of pushed in the usual queue, to simplify and more quickly pass the TO, entered electronic registration. Thus, you can register via the Internet, and do not waste time in queues.

Inspection process

During inspection, the inspector or operator will pay attention to the appearance of your machine, so it is recommended to put it in order. Next, he will check the presence of a fire extinguisher and an emergency stop sign. The first aid kit is not an obligatory element of technical inspection, after all does not affect the functioning of your car in any way.

The next step is to test the lights. The operator( inspector) examines: the dipped and high beam headlights and the angle of its spread, side lights, front and rear fog lights, emergency signaling, license plate illumination, reversing lamp and turn signals. The next check is the washers, sound signal and seat belts.

Further, the exhaust gas composition is checked for the presence of harmful substances. The last stage of inspection is checking the front and rear brakes, their uniformity and the operation of the handbrake.