How to use the coffee maker ?

How to use a coffee machine?

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How to use a coffee machine?

If you decide to purchase an electric coffee maker, but do not know how to use it, do not despair. We will help you to understand everything. Geyser and carob coffee makers are different in operation, so in this article we will tell you how to use a first and second type coffee machine. But the first and main rule invariably remains that the first use of it should be without coffee. So, we will remove the possible debris and the specific smell of this kitchen utensils.

How to use the

geyser coffee maker This type of coffee maker got its name based on its operation principle and design features. The geyser coffee machine has a vertical tube, which serves steam in the cup with coffee. Thus, a working coffee machine of this type resembles a table geyser.

Next, we'll look at how to use a geyser coffee machine. First of all, you need to pour water into the coffee machine. If you want to make a cappuccino, pour the water to the bottom mark on the tank. In case you want to make ordinary coffee, pour the water to the top. Then put a vertical tube, which expands to the bottom. Pour the coffee, but do not ram it. Close the coffee machine tightly. It remains only to press the corresponding button, which is located on the body of the device and wait until the coffee is ready.

How to use the espresso machine

This coffee machine differs from others in that it has a filter horn, which is able to separate the coffee beans from the finished beverage. The principle of operation of this coffee machine is simple: the evaporation that occurs when the water is heated passes through the ground coffee, and in the end we get a fragrant drink and a wonderful foam.

This coffee machine is practical to use, but has some special feature - it is a way of placing coffee. If you use ground coffee, tamp it well. Note that the diameter of the pestle, which you rammed, must match the diameter of the horn itself, otherwise, you probably will not like the final result. Another advise to warm up the cup from which you are going to drink.

How to use the drip coffee machine

To date, the cheapest coffee maker is a drip coffee maker. Why? Because water, when heated, drips on coffee, which is poured on a special mesh. Then the water enters the coffee pot, passing through the coffee powder. At this stage, the procedure ends, with the coffee itself, nothing happens anymore. As a result, coffee is not as fragrant and saturated as it is in other types of coffee machines. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to make real coffee in it, as coffee powder simply does not have time to give your taste and aroma. In addition to all of the above, to make coffee in a drip coffee machine, you will need a lot of time, since water falls on one drop. Therefore, if you want to treat guests coffee from a drip coffee maker, then you will have time and patience.

However, the way of making coffee in a drip coffee machine is very simple: pour water into a container, pour coffee into the coffee filter, then set the filter in place and press the button. We are waiting for the right amount of drink to drip. The more coffee we put into the coffee filter, the stronger we get the drink at the output.

How to use the capsule coffee maker

Yes, we will not hide, some coffee makers are not so simple as drip. For example, a capsular coffee machine is arranged in an interesting way. She is able not only to make coffee, but also to pierce herself capsules. Air is directed to the already punctured capsule, and only after that is water. But, brewing coffee in such a device is not a cheap pleasure, as it requires disposable capsules, not coffee. But some manufacturers produce reusable capsules that are designed specifically for their coffee makers. But do not forget about the universality of such capsules, since they are not suitable for all kinds of capsule coffee machines. Now you know how to use a coffee machine. Video materials on this topic can be found on the Internet.