How to use multivarka ?

How to use the multivariate?

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How to use multibar?

Modern technical progress does not stand still and today we are offered a new cooking machine - a multivarker. In this article, we will examine how you can cook with this device and what are its advantages.

By purchasing a multivark, some housewives refused all other items that had previously helped in the kitchen in cooking. Why? Is she so perfect? And is it worth praising this device? Let's see how to use the multivariate.

Easy and simple

This miracle-assembly is praised by experienced housewives and beginners, fathers of families and single men. Because the use is only a few programs, for example: "pilaf", "buckwheat", "milk porridge", "quenching", "baking", "steaming".They are launched automatically, you only need to perform the most necessary: ​​

  • Put in the container the right amount of products.
  • Pour in the correct volume of water, milk or oil.
  • Choose a program for cooking.

Everything else, as they say, is a matter of technology. Start the cooking time immediately or with a delay of up to 13 hours, and at the right moment the multivark itself switches on. Thus, you can provide yourself a hot breakfast on time without standing at the stove, falling asleep in the evening everything you need, for example, for cereal. On the readiness of the device will give you a sound signal, and before its feeding you do not need to constantly approach-watch-stir, this will only increase the cooking time. After the end of cooking, the heating mode is activated, which can operate during the day. But more than 12 hours, it should not be included, because a dried up dish will not please you. The only preparation that requires an open lid is cooking pasta, tk.can form a lot of foam. And in the normal mode, the water trap operates, which prevents the foam from escaping outwards.

Tasty and useful

In a multivariate you can cook everything: porridge and soup, meat and vegetables, steamed fish and fried potatoes, and make pizza or sweet pie. To facilitate cooking, and to make sure how to properly use the multivariate, a recipe book with a detailed and understandable description of all processes is attached. Everything cooked will be very tasty, like from a Russian stove, and most importantly useful. The cooking process takes place in a bowl with non-stick coating due to the heating element located on the bottom.

Care of the removable bowl requires accuracy so as not to damage the cover, otherwise you will have to part with the multivariate. The device closes tightly, which allows you to keep all the useful properties of the product inside the dish. It is a mistake to think that a glass lid will fit here. If such an apparatus is offered, then in no case do not choose it, because the lid should be plastic, snugly adjacent to the edges of the multivark. Particularly consider the choice of sizes - the more the capacity of the bowl, the more you can cook at a time, with just two dishes.

Stew or fry

Often the usual way of cooking seems the most reliable. How, for example, to cook soup, gradually pawning products. In a multivark, this can be replaced by two actions - first put the meat and turn on the quenching mode, and then add all the other products and run the main program. The soup will be ready at the right time. A fry will help the program "baking", and it will not be the same as in aerogrill, but more dietary. The degree of roasting is chosen independently, and for a uniform crust it will only be necessary to turn the product in time.

Now you know how to use this very convenient home appliances. This will allow you to quickly cook great meals. If doubts about acquiring a multivark have not yet been dispelled, then you can be advised to find a detailed instruction on how to use the multivar, a video clip about working with it can greatly help you in use.