How to learn to kiss with tongue ?

How to learn to kiss with tongue ?

He who truly loves to kiss, always appreciate the charm of the French kiss.He is a passionate and tender at the same time.He was very frank and sweet.But only if the kissing correctly.It is not just a kiss, a kiss with tongue, which is not always and not everyone turns out successful and enjoyable first time.How to learn to kiss with tongue?Let's face it.

Features of the French Kiss

When French kiss kissing partners not only lips, but also languages.That kiss definitely mutual, but at a certain point is active, only one of the partners.

As it happens.French kiss begins with the usual kiss on the lips.Then one opens and kissing lips tongue partner and regards them the language of their counterparts.And then there is the kiss with tongue.That is kissing caress each other tongues, tongues stroking on the edges and on the surface.The language can also caress the entire inner surface of the mouth: teeth, cheeks and gums.

Learn how to kiss with tongue

If you want to learn how to kiss with tongue, start small.Kiss his counterpart usual.Slightly retract the pit mouth and suck them gently.When you feel that your partner is relaxed and his lips are relaxed, spend on them with his tongue.Through his tongue over his lips, try them slightly to reveal.

If you do not feel resistance, push the tongue a little deeper, but not far.Faced with the partner language, the reason his tongue from side to side.Move it back and forth.If these movements are pleasant to whom you kiss, then you will feel a response.

Now start more active and candid affection.Push language under the tongue of his counterpart.Take your tongue a little to one side and touch the inner surface of the cheek.Make tongue circular motion, as if encircling them the partner language.Stroke the surface of the tongue, caress his sides.

again go to a normal kiss.But the kiss is not just a lip.Pat your tongue favorite lip slightly disclose them touch the teeth and gums.Perhaps your counterpart wants to take a proactive stance and he starts to caress your tongue.In this case, work out response.Also, move your tongue and keep mutual affection.

Actually, this is the technique kiss with tongue.But exactly how to caress, to make any movement, it is you have to decide yourself.

If you hesitate at such a kiss, afraid to seem inexperienced, then practice on his hand, for example.Or on some soft fruit or vegetables: tomatoes or peaches.

Better still caress the language of his own finger as if it were the language of your counterpart.Anyway, so you at least feel about how it will feel your language partner.

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