How to use a multimeter ?

How to use a multimeter ?

All multimeters are divided into digital and analog.Analog long gone, so let's talk about digital.Digital multimeter - it is one of very necessary and important devices used in the repair of various types of electrical equipment.With digital devaysa may get lots of information, to produce a wide variety of measurement, and in most cases accurately diagnose the malfunction or breakage.

"analogue of" against "numbers"

With the advent of modern digital devices users have almost ceased to use conventional instruments with the arrow scales.Certainly, analog has its advantages, but mainly, a digital device is preferable, since in him there is no need to look into readings on the scale, apart from the repairs.Second, the data are well-configured digital devices tend to be more accurate than the "dial" the meter.You yourself can see this if, before using a multimeter with an electronic dial, try analog.

Variety multimeters

Often many kinds and types of devices, from cheap and simple to very expensive and truly universal instrument.Differ all multimeters build quality, measurement accuracy and functionality.Do not forget that the instruments can also be forged.Sly Chinese counterfeit instruments of many well-known manufacturers.Talk about precision, quality and service life of these devices, it is not necessary - everything is clear to them.

in each unit there is a standard set of features, which have everything multimeters models.

Measurement of current, AC and DC voltage and resistance.Most multimeters have the opportunity to determine the gain of the transistor, as well as the mode of the test diodes and capacitors.

most inexpensive multimeter has all the above features, costs about 140-320 rubles.It will also support the possibility of "continuity" for short circuits and low-frequency oscillator.A disadvantage of such devices is inexpensive, primarily in the small screen size and, as a rule, quite narrow range of measurements.For example, cheap meter can measure the resistance between 0.1 ohms to 6 MW, whereas the type of "average" to measure the price category 500 megohms.This also applies to other characteristics of the device.

devices more expensive price bracket, support additional useful features and cost from 500 to 6000 rubles.In addition to the above features, they can measure temperature, electrical capacitance, inductance coils of wire and more.Of course, better to buy the instrument these classes, so how to use a digital multimeter this level is much better and nicer.


Maximum For example, a multimeter can measure resistance values ​​ranging from 0.1 ohms to 500 megohms and have 7 kinds of measurement from 100 ohms to 500 megohms.For many the question arises, why do so many kinds of measurement of resistance?This is done to more accurately determine the value displayed on the meter.

If no measurement limits, and the resistance is in the limit of one (0 - 500 MW), it is unclear what kind of number is displayed, or 50 ohms, or 50 ohms and 50 megohms and can use multimeter very uncomfortable.In addition, using the limits chosen measurement accuracy: the lower the limit to the true value of the measured element, the more accurate the results will be reading.


If you decide to purchase a good multimeter, then we can safely say that you will be able to:

  • measure resistance
  • measure DC voltage
  • measure AC voltage
  • measure AC DC
  • measure capacitance
  • performdefinition of an open circuit (a dial)
  • check transistors gains
  • use a low-frequency signal generator