How to kiss on the lips ?

How to kiss on the lips ?

Kissing - an important part of our lives.The first kiss is remembered for a lifetime, we anxiously waiting, excited.But how to kiss us and no one tells.There comes adolescence, we meet with the opposite sex, and when it comes to kissing, terribly worried that something will go wrong.

How to kiss on the mouth: preparation

With regard to such banal how fresh breath and pleasant body odor (do not overdo it with the perfume) and a neat appearance, they are clear to everyone.Therefore, we will not dwell on this point.But on the condition of the lips with a kiss you need to say a few words.Most importantly, do not strain your lips with a kiss, so relax them, kissing their loved one.Let them be pleasant, soft and moisturized.Imagine yourself with dry lips kissing hard and you do not want to.

Surely, you already have in mind the kind of person who would you like to kiss on the lips.Close your eyes and imagine his handsome face, adorable lips.Think about how you kiss him, you feel his smell, his warm touch.Let it lasts as long as you do not believe in the reality of the situation.You will be comfortable and pleasant.You relax.This imaginary rehearsal will help you feel more confident and relaxed during this kiss.

Your benevolence is also important.Smile more, do not let the negativity, even facial expressions on the face should emit a pleasant emotions.Partner should feel that you are nice to kiss him.Tune in then to enjoy the pleasure of kissing on the lips, enjoy intimacy with your loved one.It would be nice to create a romantic atmosphere, where no unauthorized persons that you do not bother and do not distract.

How to kiss on the mouth: Equipment

That's the kiss happens, your face close to each other.You can slightly moisten the lips (not terrible, if you do not have time).Note that girls should not be applied before a date on which they are going to kiss, lipstick or lip gloss.Guys are not particularly attracted by the prospect of eating them or get dirty.You can use hygienic lipstick wet lips effect.Although when you first go to the cafe, and then we can make up the lips, still eat the makeup you have to kiss.

What to do with your hands and body posture, how to kiss on the lips?The main thing, the whole body relax, no need nervously thinking about what to do with his hands.If you really are worried and want to have some idea of ​​the position in a kiss, the standard man holding her waist, and she puts her arms around his neck (cold hands to do it is not necessary).Special neurasthenics announce that 90% of people with a kiss on the lips tilted his head to the right.But all individually.Let yourself feelings and movements of his partner, repeat after him, go with the flow.

As for the process, you can take a look at our video how to kiss lips or revise a bunch of romantic movies, where, probably, there will be kissing couples.Approaching his lips to the partner, cover your eyes and mouth slightly open.Kiss the upper lip, pull your bottom lip a loved one, quietly enter the relaxed tongue into his mouth and touch his tongue.Pat the lips, tongue, dream!