Living with an alcoholic ?

Living with an alcoholic ?

Alcoholism - a problem that somehow've encountered the majority of Russian citizens.Holidays are replaced everyday, glasses are gradually turning into glasses and bottles, and endless conversations about self-control and "knowledge of the measures" quickly lose credibility.And at some point in the minds of women born legitimate question of whether to maintain a family?Living with an alcoholic?

Alcohol destroys not only physical but also mental health, rearranging his behavior, breaking the system of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat makes alcoholic potentially dangerous for the members of his family.According to statistics, about a third of crimes are committed while intoxicated.

alcoholic father in the family

particular problem will sound if a family has children.His father, an alcoholic, not only deprives them of psychologically comfortable, happy childhood.Codependency can let them know about yourself and many years later.As is known, patterns of behavior, according to which the child will build his family life, they are taken directly from the parent family.For this reason, the risk that the son of an alcoholic in the same way will become dependent in the future, and his daughter - will connect life with suffering from alcohol or any other addiction, it is also very high.Being in continuous contact with people with deviant behaviors, children begin to subconsciously accept them as the norm, which is doubly dangerous.That is why a divorce with her husband, an alcoholic is in most cases justified measure to save his family's mental health.

But, nevertheless, remains a lot of women who are willing to save the marriage, day after day, wondering about how to live with an alcoholic husband and help him get rid of addiction.After looking at how many alcoholics live without skilled care, and what becomes of the life of loved ones, hardly anyone would want to wish for himself or his family a similar fate.

Alcohol Treatment

To Your help was most effective to begin with, refer to the root cause of the disease.whether it is related to her husband's work?Or his unsettling tensions prevailing in the family?Search causal relationship, the selection and acceptance of the problem of man enters the stage prior to the rehabilitation.Immediate rehabilitation measures include working with a professional therapist, rehabilitator, narcologist.It is aimed primarily at eliminating the effects of alcohol dependence on the level of physical health, development in his mind new behaviors and perceived need for treatment, readiness to return to normal on their own.

rehabilitation measures in the family

Equally important is postreabilitatsionny period, both for the man himself, the past treatment of alcohol dependence, as well as for his family.For the husband is extremely important to maintain the skills and attitudes acquired during the treatment;for close - to adapt to a new life and create a new environment for your family member.

Rehabilitation codependency, arising due to the need to adapt a lifestyle with addicts, includes the adoption of a healthy person, the production of new relationships and forms of interaction with him.It is also an alternative proposal habits and a new way of life, filled with bright impressions, for which does not necessarily go into alcoholic oblivion.

live with an alcoholic or whether to file for divorce in the hope of preserving the health and safety of the family, always you decide.But taking any sort was a decision, always hesitate about its possible consequences and the responsibility that bears for their loved ones.