How to use curling irons ?

How to use curling irons ?

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How to use curling irons?

Thanks curling hair, you can do a variety of hairstyles at home, without the help of stylists.This simple device allows you to make as light waves, and a cascade of curls, and spectacular steep curls.However, putting your hair you need to know how to use curling irons, hair to remain healthy, and the hair turned out beautiful and kept for a long time.

Terms of Use curling

should be washed and thoroughly dried before using the curling hair.To keep longer hair, it is recommended to lay completely dry strands.To consolidate the results, should be applied to the locks mousse.If you have thin hair, then in that case you need to fix a light foam.Thick and heavy hair need more powerful means.Before you use the curling should squeeze the palm portion of mousse, the amount of which should be similar to the orange and distribute it through the hair with a comb.After that you need to fix most of the hair clips and separate them from a narrow strand.It is necessary to know that it will be thinner than the steeper will curl.Starting from the back is best, so the hair will not confuse and hairstyle can be done quickly.The last step is to draw up the bangs and side curls.Then you need to heat up the curling iron and comb the lock again, and then it should be lightly sprinkled with lacquer, and gently screwed into curling, starting from the end.Curling is necessary to keep about 15 seconds, after which you can gently release the lock, taking care not to trample the resulting curl.Now it is necessary to split another strand and process it in a similar manner.According to this principle should be gradually curl all the hair.Keep in mind that you can comb your hair only after they have cooled off.After that you need to spray the curls with hairspray and gently beat with your fingers, the result is a thought-out mess on his head.If you want to have turned lush voluminous hair, you should tilt your head slightly down and go through the hair comb.Then they need to lean back a bit smooth on top, not trampling the volume of hair and secure it with varnish.Often, in order to understand how to do this or that hairstyle using a curling iron, you should look at the lessons.They can be easily found on the Internet, you can just put in the search engine "how to use curling irons, video", after viewing you will go great hairstyle worthy of an expensive salon.

makes a sharp tendrils curling

If your goal is steep curls, curls, they can only be curled spiral curling.First, we should apply the foam to the hair strong hold and distribute it carefully comb.Then it is necessary to separate the thin strand and gently wound it in a spiral of forceps.Treat the hair is recommended for about 20 seconds.After that you need to release the lock and lock curls varnish.

Features Cone curling

In recent years become popular Cone curling hair.After she obtained good locks, and the tool itself has an original design and versatility.However, not everyone knows how to use a curling cone, and many do find it uncomfortable.But this discomfort disappears with time, the main thing in this case prilovchilis.It should be noted that the cone curling irons are the hair curls and tight rings, so thanks to the female imagination can make an infinite number of different hairstyles.The only drawback of this tool is badly curled tips, since no such curling clip, hair slide easily.And basically the principle of a wave coincides with ordinary curling irons.Now that you know how to use curling irons and hair will always look stunning.