How to stop a girl?

How to stop a girl?

your relations are deadlocked, you realize that it is time to leave.The problem is that you know it's just you and your girl - no.How to stop a girl?Many young people want to do it without causing injury feminine psyche as real gentlemen.So that in the minds of the girls was not fixed notorious unit "all men - the goats!"Let's see how the guys throwing the girls, which at the same time make mistakes, and how to make the process less painful parting.

How nice to throw the girl?

So you've decided to take this important step, the best way to let them know the girl of his intention?The best and most honest option - it is a frank conversation in which you will put the record straight I. Perhaps she, too, wants to end your relationship, but because of their natural modesty or fear to offend you, do not take anything.Here are a few options for how to prepare for a serious conversation:

  • analyze the situation.Do you really want to part with his partner, or a desire dictated by jealousy, anger, the desire to take revenge for something?If your intentions are serious, explain yourself, what you are not happy in a relationship, whether the girl could have changed again to achieve your location?Stocks of these arguments, you can safely and to the point answer her questions.
  • Who is to blame?When you make a list of reasons not to formulate them so I'm going, because you're beautiful and intelligent enough, do not know how to cook, do not know how to keep the conversation going and so on.The girl should not create a feeling that she is guilty in your rupture.It can develop in its various facilities, difficulties in relationships with other guys.You can build a phrase like this:.. We have to leave, because I'm not ready for long-term relationships, I do not see our future together, my feelings for you have cooled down, I fell in love with another woman, etc. In short, the reason is you, and not inher.
  • Difficult Conversation.So, tell her of his decision, which was very hard to take, and give her all the arguments harvested.Do not forget to thank for all the good things you did.Do not skimp on the praise.Say that you are very sorry that it happened, and you are confident that it will meet a decent man.
  • refrain from scandal, cry and even more charges against her.It is not necessary to speak, all that has accumulated and to leave with a heavy heart.After all, it can happen that you want to return to it, but by speaking about finally mucks, it will be impossible to do.
  • Be prepared for a violent reaction:.. Hysteria, tears, prayers, etc. But most importantly - be adamant!Do not let no hope, no chance.The most severe could allow a girl to hope in vain in this situation.No phone calls, SMS, FaceBook messages and meetings.It is better to cut off a stroke, than slow in the living saw off.The best option is to go somewhere out of town for a couple of weeks.Do not get fooled by female manipulation and threats of suicide - it is simply an attempt to get you back.
  • And if you want to act like a real man, you will never make new relationships, until you finish the old, and not explain to his girlfriend.

Many men want to give up any other way.They think, how to make a girl threw herself?What is it like to its solution?This is done not so difficult!You can show her his most evil side:.. Start drinking, modify, and flirt with other women who did not come home, to show her indifference, do not care about her opinion and so I think that each of you will find a way to become an anti-hero for thisgirl.Be careful not to live in the role of a villain and a scoundrel, because walking away from you, your ex will be in all colors tell what you really are.This notoriety may scare the girl of your dreams.

There are also reverse the situation when a guy does not know how to forget the girl who threw how to survive this fact.He thinks: "I threw a girl, how to get it?"How to restore the relationship?The other reflects on how to avenge the girl who dumped.Sometimes a situation when there is a question: How to stop a girl that you like?How to stop loving her?But this theme is a completely different article!

gender relations - is a complex topic.Remember that now you throw, and once you can quit.Keep yourself in this situation the way you would like to do to you.