How to use a dishwasher ?

How to use a dishwasher ?

Many women dream to receive a gift of the dishwasher to reduce the time spent in the kitchen, and dedicate it to your loved ones or yourself beloved.And it's quite legitimate desire.We consider in this article, how to use the dishwasher, that lasts a long time and reliably.


All dishwashers are divided into 2 types: the presence of pre-soaking and rinsing programs without them.This means that when choosing the kitchen unit, it is necessary to decide for themselves - this option is important for you or not?Because the machine is not immediately be able to launder adhering to the bottom of the pan remains of food, and then it will have to pre-soak.Also require extra time cleaning the pan, which will sometimes have to run into three treatment cycles.

dishes placement inside the machine

Before filling dishes sure to read the instructions on how to use the dishwasher.Because it must be indicated the number of items to be viewed at a time.It will small objects (spoons, forks) and larger (plates, dishes) and very large (pan).Therefore, it is important to place them correctly.Often the top, adjustable basket, put utensils, and put down large items.Glasses are typically located on top, where they were put on the vertical holder upside down.To spend quality washing dishes, you need to know how to load the dishwasher:

  • items must be placed inside the dishwasher so that they do not impede water dispensers;
  • different kinds of tableware and require different heat treatment when washing, so you should not at the same time to set and dishes made of thin glass, and metal pots;
  • separately stacked small objects (spoons, caps), in a specially designated area;
  • not recommended to put the dishes one on another, this does not result in damage to the instrument;
  • empty cups, bowls should be put upside down in order to avoid accumulation of water.
  • Rule №3:
  • standard washing program.For dishes moderate pollution.1.5 - 2 hours at a temperature of 60-70.
  • average level.For middle-ware and tableware pollution of brittle materials, the temperature is 40-50 degrees.
  • Intensive.For dishes with strong pollution.65-70 degrees.
  • Quick wash.For dishes without food debris and at low loading.50-55 degrees.

This is the usual set of programs.Their number varies from 5 to 8, they differ washing condition, temperature and energy consumption.The crucial point for you would be something like wash dishwasher - quietly, quickly, efficiently.


Drying In modern dishwashers are used 2 types of drying: simple and turbo.In conventional drying ware evaporates moisture from the surface and flows down in the form of condensate.Drying turbo resembles the work of a hair dryer, crockery when blown warm air and condensation on the leaves of the machine.The difference of the second type of drying will not only result in quality, but in large amounts of electricity.

use detergents

possible to use the detergent for special purposes.Not for hand washing!It will be necessary self detergent, rinse aid and salt for the water softener.Even if you have purchased a means of "3 in 1", it is still an extra sprinkle of salt portion to prevent rapid deterioration of the ion exchanger.Important for how the dishwasher, is to determine the level of water hardness.A total of 5, but it was 4 of them require that softening, which is achieved due to the regenerating salt.

Compliance Safety

Compliance with safety and help in the beginning, how to turn on the dishwasher, and at the end: first, to avoid burns from hot steam, and secondly, to keep intact the dishes that easily beats hot.So do not rush to open the dishwasher as soon as the program ends.Do it after 15-20 minutes.And the dishes and get out of the car should be in turn - first the bottom, then the top, so as not to drip water residues.

Special Notes

separate item worth mentioning that is not intended to be placed in the dishwasher.This dishes, including not having the characteristics of information that it can be washed in the machine, as well as silver and aluminum utensils with remains of food on it.This is a different kitchen utensils such as oven gloves, sponges, absorbing water.As well as dishes with removable parts - handles holders.Now you know how to use the dishwasher.