How to use the vacuum cleaner ?

How to use the vacuum cleaner ?

To date, no cleaning of electrical equipment, which greatly accelerates and facilitates the process itself, it is almost impossible to imagine.The most successful tool in this regard is a vacuum cleaner.It has variety, and they still need to use it correctly.

How to use the vacuum cleaner: tips

Many believe that the effectiveness of vacuuming depends on what is used for the attachment of certain surfaces.In fact, the same vacuum cleaner cleans all surfaces for effective cleaning it is not necessary to acquire a set of nozzles, hoses and accessories.Anyone, even a very simple vacuum cleaner can clean the surface of any type.Of course, brushes of different length or the same type of surface at various attachments may slightly increase the effectiveness of cleaning with delicate coatings, but a standard cleaning can be performed with a conventional nozzle.The main thing is that all attachments and accessories prolazili easily under furniture, were equipped with rubber gaskets and protective wings to protect your furniture.

But what exactly is important, so is the power of the vacuum cleaner.To the machine can cope with a difficult harvest, how to effectively clean smooth surface and thick carpets, its motor should have a capacity of not less than 750 watts.

vacuum cleaner can only clean, dry surface.In no case, do not try to vacuum hot cloth, damp and wet floor.In addition, before the cleaning to remove all contamination from the surface and large particles, including a well-check the floor for sharp objects and particles that can damage your equipment, skin puncture the dust bag.

Remember that the vacuum cleaner does not work without interruption of more than half an hour.If cleaning is significantly delayed, stop, turn off the vacuum cleaner and allow it to cool for at least 5, preferably 10 minutes.For example, the appliance will last much time, and you will avoid the loss of power and damage risk.

How to use the vacuum cleaner to the cleaning was effective, and the dust was cleaned as needed?Firstly, never brush cleaner press down firmly against the floor surface or carpet.To the vacuum cleaner is well carried out his functions, a brush must match the flow of air, followed by another and sucked dust.So what you're hard pressed to brush the carpet, cleaning will not improve."Power" cleaning - this is one of the biggest mistakes when working it with a vacuum cleaner.Just spend a brush not too lightly as if gliding over the surface.

How to use the wet vacuum

simple addition of a vacuum cleaner, to tools that you can use during cleaning applies cleaning vacuum cleaner, which makes it possible to qualitatively perform both dry and wet cleaning.Without this technology can not do for those who have as a floor covering prevails big carpet.Typically, washing vacuum cleaners - overall, a very powerful and efficient appliances.In the shops of home appliances meet and compact models, but they have a very low power.

easiest way, take a washing vacuum cleaner rental, which will allow save space and achieve the results you expected.With the help of a vacuum cleaner washing is carried out wet and dry cleaning, clean the surface of any type.Working with this are the same as for ordinary vacuum cleaner, when operating only with water and wet cleaning is necessary to prevent stagnation of fluid between the working periods and dry containers and brush before the supply to the vacuum cleaner storage.