How to kiss a girl ?

How to kiss a girl - an important issue not only for those who are preparing for the first time to give your partner a kiss, but also for those who have experienced the first real feeling and does not want to blunder in front of the beloved.After all, every girl wants to be remembered it was her kiss a guy and made his heart beat faster.

So, how to kiss a girl

course, often initiated the kiss is a guy.But if you have a different situation, and you decide itself when the time comes the first kiss, come with a special care to the choice of the situation.To your kiss was a pleasant surprise, avoid platitudes.In this case, it is not necessary to kiss him good-bye after the meeting.But also to assess the situation, or you can just scare him of his inadequacy.What a surprise you can cook?If you are talking to a man about something at close range, and he is clearly excited by sympathy for you, gently touch the lips of his.

If you are a romantic person, then come up and kiss goodbye at the end.When you realize that you are ready for a kiss, and you do not want to take all the initiative in their hands.Show him his wish: gently take him by the hand, take a deep breath, gentle smile and look him in the eye.I think he knows the moment of the first kiss.

Let us turn to the very technique.I do not gang up on a guy like you hungry and waiting for this moment for years.Slowly pull his lips, I feel reciprocity.Cover your eyes and gently touch the guy lips themselves.You do feel, for some time should be delayed and, as no hurry, break away from them.You can call it "intelligence situation" or "acquaintance lips."Then again quickly followed by the time of convergence of your lips.Do not suspend, you can take a passive position, and also continue to act as your partner.If you do not like the proactive partner, can you kindly show it to him, a little closed their lips and kissing him without language.Do not turn away from the guy, it will look rough, and he did not understand what happened.

If this is not the first kiss, and you want to show all their favorite passion, there would be nothing wrong if you take all the initiative in their hands.To kiss a woman with a man will allow a fantasy.Add to kiss the hand movements - you can spend your fingers through his hair partner, touch his neck and shoulders.Kiss his forehead, temples, cheeks.Touch lips to the neck.If you are with a man close intimate relationship, you can overwhelm the body with gentle or passionate kisses.Better yet, all of this combined.

How to kiss a girl

Surely, you have the first kiss in life.If you do not want to talk about it to their chosen, do not say anything.I have to say, is almost impossible to guess the first time you kiss, or you have had the experience.Do not worry, because even if your actions are unusual, the guy will get new pleasant experience - your kiss he remembered.In general, for the girls to learn how to kiss is simple - resort to a passive position, that is subject to existing partner, repeat all behind him.The main thing is not to overdo it, be gentle and affectionate.

How to kiss a girl with a girl

As technology kisses between girls do not differ from the kiss between a girl and a guy.Nuance is a certain girl to kiss for the first time, if you're a girl.And especially if you do not know whether it will respond to you in return.You can offer a couple of options, so as not to burn yourself badly.Firstly, there are many seemingly innocent kissing games, such as all the well-known "bottle", "calendars", "match", "kitty meow" and others, the disclosures of which one can easily find on the Internet.Secondly, if you drink alcohol good for the company with the girl and start talking about kissing, it will be easier to address the subject of same-sex kissing and experience in this matter.