How to punish her ​​husband ?

CULPAM POENA PREMIT COMES (Lat.) - For a crime should be punished (Horace)

husband changed.You suffer, you hurt.You can not believe that the loved one could do so.Do you want to take revenge on the traitor, to make him suffer?We have prepared for you 5 options to punish her husband.

  1. Become suddenly gentle and affectionate.Surprise surprise husband reincarnated.Let him think that you either do not know about his treason, or just him.Pamper him in bed, cook his favorite dishes, do little surprises.You will be hard, but try to smile at him and act as if nothing had happened.Do not scold him, do not ask for anything.Make it enjoyable, wear the things he loves.Allow time to spend as he likes.Iron the shirt of his, call to visit his friends.BUT!Be so only one week.After that sharply depart from him, without any explanation, and file for divorce.Show him a perfect wife you can be, and throw.Most likely, your husband will begin to regret their treason and trying to return you - do not give him, if you want to torment.This is to entice delicious candy, and then select it.
  2. Become cold, beautiful and inaccessible.Pay attention to your appearance.Make a new hairstyle, change hair color.Slightly experiment with makeup.Buy a stylish dress.Spread the shoulders.Smile without showing how you feel bad.Flirt with other men in front of your husband.Let you come to a romantic sms on the phone.If the fans in the moment, ask your friend to send you these SMS from an unknown number.Let the husband sees you - a beautiful woman, and that you are attractive to other men.With her husband also communicate peacefully, but cold.Do not find out the relationship, but do not let him in.How to punish her husband for treason?- To show him what kind of woman he was and how stupid he lost it.
  3. If you do not have forces on the above two methods, and the anger and resentment are torn out, revenge simpler and more tangible way.Disable his favorite computer, mobile phone or a car.Remove from the computer all the important information and finally start to get the virus - is simple enough.It's the same with your phone.Erase all of his contacts, while he sleeps.Or, as it is banal, puncture the tires on his car, when it meets to go to his mistress or a meeting with friends.
  4. How to punish her husband's mistress, and then himself?Try to "make friends" with her.Rub her trust, tell me that they are willing to give her husband.Bring it to a frank talk, maybe you will be able to hear her anything compromising, write it down on tape and to share with her husband.Did you know his weaknesses, which can then push.Or "friendly" and accidentally tell her what a terrible person your husband, a detailed description of all his weaknesses and complexes, lower the man in her eyes.
  5. last way - pretty sneaky, it is recommended to use it only in the most extreme cases, if you really do not know how to punish her ex-husband otherwise.Share intimate information about failures, problems and complexes of the former husband and his friends, colleagues and family.You probably know about her husband much that he prefers to hide from the rest.Fan the bad rumors about it among your friends in common.Come to work for him, and told his superiors and colleagues of your husband about their opinions.Make behind him began to whisper.

Be careful!Greatly offended husband can be dangerous.Do not go too far, even if the righteous anger overwhelms you.Use better than the first two ways.