How to get rid of love addiction ?

How to get rid of love addiction ?

Love - this is a strong sense that a person can experience.It is not subject to our brains, and it is very difficult to control, and sometimes even impossible.Love causes us the most vivid unforgettable emotions, but sometimes it turns into obsession and becomes a real addiction.Unfortunately, there is a structure in which to recover from alcohol, gaming, addiction, not from love.To have to make their own decisions, to solve this problem.Do not stay alone with this neschadyaschey force be with us and we will tell you how to get rid of love addiction.

What is love relationship

Love Addiction - a real femme passion, it is a fatal love for a man or woman.Most often this disease affects women, they experience these feelings, usually men, who they do not particularly respect, do not reckon with their opinion or do not pay attention to them.Female sex, alas, is very susceptible to "tough guys", self-important and too value their freedom.

This happens because of our psychology.Every girl is looking for is not realized in man the image of his father.But with her father she can not have sex, so, deep down, she likes when a man rejects her intimate desire.Do not confuse it with love, there is little to do.

love addiction: symptoms

symptoms of this disease is very insidious, they are not so easy to see how the symptoms of bad habits that lead to dependence.But they definitely need to find before the love to overcome addiction.

  • feel the need to constantly prove their love object passion.
  • desire to complete suicide, when communication with a loved weakens his feelings subside.
  • state of complete euphoria while next to him.
  • Maniacal attraction to him, unbearable separation.
  • thoughts only about him almost 24 hours a day.

love addiction: treatment


If you already know that your love - it is nothing like a disease, then you're already halfway to his healing.Some people refuse to understand that they are feeling - a surge of emotions that can lead them to disastrous consequences.


The best option to get rid of this scourge - the help of a qualified therapist.The specialist will explain to you exactly how to act, how to change their thoughts, to no longer be in a state of deadlock.You must understand that this is a very serious disease, from it you can go crazy.All Motivational psychologists recommend to go if these exercises are held on a regular basis, you will understand how to overcome a love relationship.

Go to action

Motivational help you raise your self-esteem, but still worth it to take radical action and, once and for all forget about this problem.

  • find the strength!Connect the power of will and believe in yourself!Only you will be able to strangle a this ailment that prevents you to live and be happy.
  • Destroy all that is associated with it, all the photos and fetishes.Let the fire burn your personal diary with records of love for him, let him disappear from your sight of his page on the Internet, and all the messages he was sending you anywhere.
  • Remember all the bad things that he said or did to you.Do not think of good points, otherwise get nothing.Better yet, make a list of his bad deeds, read it and realize that this man does not suit you.
  • Thank him mentally for the fact that he has made you stronger for the fact that these tests have brought you the confidence in themselves and their abilities.Say good-bye to him and proudly disappear from his life without explanation.
  • Record the number in the "black list" so that he would never be able to call you and deceive you again.
  • not teshte futile hope that if you're patient, something to change, a miracle happened and you will find happiness with him for many years.If he established himself at the beginning, as a man, who can not rely on, everything!Forget!

Prohibitions during the rehabilitation period

Love reliance on human can lead to very negative consequences and acquire bad habits.So, you can not:

  • Find peace and happiness in alcoholic beverages, drugs and nicotine.
  • Stavan recluse, run away from the society of others, to be alone with his thoughts.
  • complain of destiny,
  • Spare itself, kills the pain
  • sex with the first counter,
  • loved Revenge,
  • throw their usual business, forget about sports, hobbies, work.

Love relationship:

test to know for sure, you should be treated for presumed illness or not, pass the test under the name "Love or disease?".

  • When the object of love is absent, you have:
    • A. There is a sense of joy.
    • B. The feeling of pain and loss.
    • B. Conditions vary, sometimes do not care, and sometimes really want to see him.
  • What development get your relationship?
    • A. We are committed equally to each other.
    • B. One of us constantly avoids another.
    • Q. I do not make an effort and do not develop relationships.
  • How love affects your work?
    • A. inspiring.
    • B. All annoying.
    • B. Nothing has changed.
  • you feel jealous?
    • A. Just a joke.
    • B. Very much jealous.
    • B. Slightly yes.
  • You want at least sometimes to get rid of love?
    • A. No, of course.Love is a Beautiful Thing.
    • B. Sometimes you want to reduce the love that she had not choked.
    • Q. Did not think about it.


  • «A» - congratulations, you do not get sick from this disease and know what true love is.
  • «B» - If at least twice appeared the letter "B", then the probability of the presence of love addiction is very high in your responses.
  • «B» - If at least four times you answered "B", then you have yourself can not understand their feelings.

Be aware that if you put all your efforts, you will find the courage, then you will definitely come to get rid of love addiction.