How to work with the former ?

How to work with the former ?

Quite often there are such situations when the girls have to work with her ex-boyfriend.But how to work with the former?How to behave properly?

Psychologists say that there are three lines of conduct with the former at work:

  1. enemies;
  2. Business Partners;
  3. attempts to return all back.

consider all three options in order.

Very often, after the break, in our raging mass of negative emotions to a former lover.And you will agree that it is not so easy to put up with any betrayal or deception.And even more to keep these feelings inside.But, if you work together with your ex-boyfriend or husband, you will not be easy, and this should be ready.


Position "Enemies" is a very tough competition in all.Be prepared for the fact that some colleagues will support your ex.Because, surely, some of them were aware of the details of your break.You will also have to start the engine of his support group, as a rule, are women.However, do not be surprised if you notice a few of them, nice talking to your ex.After all, it is their colleague, and therefore they will have to communicate with him.

Even if you are enemies, try not to sort things out and insult each other in full view of anyone.Be prepared for the fact that your ex-boyfriend or husband, and choose a course of action and wants, for example, you unseat a report to his superiors about your mistakes in the work, delays and so on.Try to do its job flawlessly.So, to your "enemy" could not undermine you.

Business partners

If you do not know how to work with the former - choose this course of action.

Remember that modern business woman distinguished by such character traits as calm, integrity and discretion.Imagine that in front of you is not your ex-boyfriend, but simply equal partner status with which you should stay with courtesy and dignity.Never go to the individual, be as objective as possible.Be sure that he will repay you in kind.In the eyes of those around you will appear in a very favorable light, since, in spite of the separation, you remain fair, impartial person.

attempts to return all back

With regard to the third line of conduct that many people want to bring back his beloved and consciously choose that one instead.This is understandable, because the feelings you can not turn off the snap of his fingers.Psychologists advise in this case - give a break from your partner and relax yourself.Perhaps it makes sense to take time off to go to relax, meet with friends and go shopping.Back to work, you will be able to fresh, beautiful and full of energy.Forget all the grievances and forgive her ex.However, do not rush to the neck.Be tactful and consistent.Tell your staff what a wonderful person he is.You will be at hand, if he finds out about this conversation from the lips of his colleagues.Remember that his feelings are not extinguished, which means you still have a chance.If the front of a corporate party, then be sure to go at it and, if possible, move closer to the former.Maybe even have a dance together.Remember that connects you, and does not divide.

Now you know how to work with the former.But which option to choose behavior - your private affair.It depends on the cause and nature of the separation of both partners.