How to kiss a girl for the first time ?

first kiss - how many words said about him.And still will not be enough for those who are preparing to do so for the first time in his life.Watching each other's eyes, shyly holding her hand, feeling the trembling palms and warm, you are standing next to each other and understand that this is the moment of the first kiss.So are many of their first kiss.In fact, never be the same situations, the first kiss.Each will have its own.It does not matter whether it is the game of the bottle or super romantic walk on a deserted beach, still in this kiss you remember something special, their emotions and feelings.But how to kiss a girl for the first time?How to make sure that she remembered the kiss for a long time?What to do to kiss her like this ..

First Kiss: tips

Now it does not matter, do you have a girl or not, the main thing you want to know how to kiss a girl for the first time.It is clear, no one wants to be embarrassed, or blunder with a girl.It never hurts more information.At the very least, you'll feel more confident when you know next.

  1. kiss a girl for the first time is always exciting.Do not be afraid of their emotions in a kiss.Even if you shake and worry, she is accept as your great liking to it and be in seventh heaven!Besides, believe me, she will be filled with excitement and trepidation, because the first kiss with every new guy is an incredible new experience.
  2. When you want to kiss a girl for the first time, always think about it, how to understand if she wants it.Of course, it is very difficult to catch.After all, the girls are so different, and everyone has their own way to show that they are ready to kiss you.Some may not even know how to show it, or hesitate.But there's a trick in store ... When you're with a girl spend time together, are a short distance, look at her in silence.If she looks away and will look directly into your eyes, most likely it is ready for the first kiss.If you will take, then after a while even try, because maybe the first time you picked the wrong moment.Also pay attention to the distance between you in communicating.How close is it allows you to approach?How close can itself be to you.
  3. Do I have to train on anything before you kiss a girl this a moot point ... On the one hand, what is wrong is that you try to kiss your hand, for example.But on the other hand, as will be artificial and awkward when you're remembering the learned movements lips and tongue during this first kiss with a girl!It is better to surrender to their feelings and kiss her naturally.There is no right or wrong kisses, kissing each in its own way, so impossible to understand, this is the first experience you have or not.

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kissing technique

So, read some tips on how to kiss a girl for the first time.The first thing to do - it is a tiny romantic pause and look into her eyes.Then, slowly, simply touch his lips to hers and closed his eyes.Then, slightly suspended, and you again pulls his lips together.This simple trick will show her that you care about her and checks to see if it is good.In fact, it all happens very quickly, just as you read and ready, it seems like an eternity passed.Then what do you prompt surging feelings.

If you prankster, started to kiss a girl on a first date, do not ask her permission!Imagine, she likes you, she wants to make a good impression on you ... And then you put it in an extreme situation: both want to kiss, and the thought "that he think of me if I allow on the first date, I'm not easily accessible?".Do not strain your girl, watching her.

So still how to kiss a girl on one date?If you go, stop.Put a smile and look into her eyes, then on the lips, and then again with your eyes, lips and so on.At the same time slowly approaching his face to hers.Believe me, she will appreciate !!!After all, the girl constantly see it in the movies.This damn sexy romance will not leave indifferent any girl, you vzvolnuesh it.