How to use a pressure cooker ?

How to use a pressure cooker ?

pressure cooker - a device usefully applied to any modern kitchen.Is she like a pot that has a sealed lid.The cover is kept locked.A valve is located on the cover itself.This modified pot greatly reduces cooking time for different products.For example, if the meat is usually cooked 60-80 minutes in a pressure cooker it will take a maximum of half an hour.Potatoes in a simple pan is prepared for 20-30 minutes in a pressure cooker - 5-8.

Fast Food The secret lies in how to operate the cooker.In a typical pan water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.The temperature of boiling water remains constant.In a pressure cooker, having a sealed lid, steam escapes through a special narrow valve.Therefore, the pressure inside the high.According to physical laws, the boiling temperature of water in a pressure cooker exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, so that all products are prepared it is much faster.

Operating Rules cooker

main rule of how to use a pressure cooker is the fact that before you open it, out of it you need to let off steam (through the valve) and cool.This is a safety requirement, therefore, treated him very seriously.In particular, this means that during the preparation of the soup before throwing into the water the vegetables, the pressure cooker must be removed from the heat, put under cold water to release the steam and remove the cover.Then add the vegetables, cover closed again, pressure cooker is placed on the fire, and cooking continues.

Before you cook in a pressure cooker (new) different dishes, it is advisable to boil the milk in it, without closing the door.This procedure is performed to the future of the metal pan is not darkened.

necessary to constantly ensure that the steam is coming out through the valve.If you see that it pulled out from under the lid, remove the pressure cooker.Cool it, let off steam, open and close tightly again.Sometimes you need to clean the valve using a wire so that it is not clogged.

Useful tips

In general, to learn to use this device very easily.A few simple tips will help you learn to work with it.

cooking time countdown begins with the moment when the water boils.Then you need to turn down the heat.Cooking ends not when the pan is removed from the water, and after the steam is released through the valve, and cooling the contents of the cooker.The products are removed from inside the closed pressure cooker fire, high pressure continues to boil.Keep this in mind so as not to seethe ingredients.

Because the steam escapes through the valve, hardly water boils.This should be considered in the preparation of soup: necessary to use an amount of water that must be in an already finished product.At the same time, remember that you can not fill the cooker more than 2/3 of the volume.If cooking foods swellable upon contact with water (e.g., dried vegetables or rice), the permissible filling strip pan is reduced to half its volume, and sometimes less.The minimum amount of water, in which you can close the lid pressure cooker and put it on the fire - 250 ml.

While cooking in a pressure cooker can and should be under great pressure, under pressure to fry in oil in it is prohibited.Thus it is possible to pour out the oil to the bottom and to brown while there onion, and other vegetables.At this stage, the lid can not be closed.When the time comes, pour vegetable oil with water, add other products and close the lid.