How to behave with a man?

How to behave with a man?

Many women would like to learn the tactics of universal behavior, which can be used to reach out to the heart of every man.Unfortunately, there is no universal method, but there are some guidelines on how to behave properly with a man.Adhering to them, it is possible to get the attention and arouse interest in your person the part you liked the man.

Behave naturally

is important to always be friendly and open.You have to understand that arrogant look and cold arrogance only repel men.During the call, you should imagine that you are talking with a friend.This will help relieve the tension.Do not try to look smarter than you are.Girls, try to utter any academic memorized phrase, look very comical.Another item that is worth remembering in this difficult question of how to behave with a man - this is not to replay.It is necessary to leave the views and pronounced languid sighs for the stage.If a man is really interested in you, then the gleam in your eyes is so noticeable.In case you decide to resort to nonverbal seduction methods, then they must look natural.To do this, you can practice at home in front of a mirror.Please note that the gestures you use when communicating should not stand out from the general model your behavior, or you may find nervous or "antsy".

Be careful and considerate

also need to learn to listen carefully to the man, gently guiding you in the right direction the conversation.Do not interrupt the interlocutor.To a man interested in a woman, first of all, you need to show interest in him.The main thing that this interest was sincere.We need to ask him such questions to when you reply to them man could reveal himself.But do not sit as an investigator in the interrogation, because a man needs to see the reaction to his words.

Know yourself the price

In dealing with a man need to be flexible and to be able to readjust the situation changes.Be prepared for the fact that, being a representative of the male, he may behave quite cheeky and hint at a "close" communication.In this case it is necessary to stop it, making it clear that you value yourself and have self-esteem.Of course, you do not need to build from a "impregnable rock", better hint at the fact that the continuation of this conversation should be held later, when the man will manifest itself and will achieve your favor.If a man is very persistent, then it is better to think if you need it, and maybe to find someone who will appreciate you as a person anymore.

Features relationships with married men

And how to deal with a married man myself, to win his interest?To catch the attention on the part of a married man is possible, but not free the way seducing men is long and thorny.Sometimes it may happen that a man very quickly hand over their positions, and will be ready to immediately start with your love relationship.Then you need to understand that before you is a ladies' man, a man who has huge problems with his wife in his family.In any case, you should consider whether you really need so unfree man, perhaps, should turn its attention to the other, not occupied by anybody's candidacy?

to bind to a married man, you must create an ideal environment for him.It is necessary to avoid any accusations, to surround him with care, love and attention, not to create problems.The man, coming into your home must be in an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.Necessarily need to know all of your favorite preferences.Perhaps he does not get all the desired at his home, then such a "gap" should fill it you.Find out what he likes from eating what topics of conversation he prefers.Men need to ensure confidence in the fact that your relationship will not create problems in his family.Being a mistress is not so simple.You will need to put up with things that make and appointments will be just him, and always will be throughout your communication.And this is another reason to think about whether you want such an unhealthy relationship.Appreciate and love, first of all, himself.Perhaps you deserve the best?