How to dump the guy?

How to dump the guy?

Perfect Date - the dream of every girl.But a date with a guy who bothered to death by their "inclinations" in your direction and did not understand no hints from an ideal too far.Let's say you have sent such a subject far away, and he is not in this region is not going to.As otshit Man-remora ways cultural and otherwise.

If you're wondering how to dump the guy nice and "special effects" that you keep the following tips:

  1. Pretend Zauchka.If you were on a first date with the guy realized that he was very far from your dream, and get out of the second meeting did not work, Scare his thirst for knowledge.Come to the cafe or the park with a book on quantum physics or existential philosophy and read all night, complained stopping to talk.Arrange the scandal when he tries to get your attention.
  2. Pretend "soldier" in the fight against global problems.Fan the hair, wear cheap jewelry.Ardent tell his fans about the invasion of aliens, world domination of the Americans and overpopulation of the planet.Say a couple of months you want to leave as a volunteer in the army of the Red Cross or Greenpeace to save the dying children in Africa or endangered species of bark beetles in tropical forests.From girl-hippie, some guys run away without even finishing date.
  3. Pretend "boy-baba".Drag one cigarette after another, drinking beer from the bottle neck, coated waiter mat.If you know what his parents or himself - excellent.Claim that hate war, if his dad officer and housewives feel lazy chicken.Be creative, show the boy the most horrible image of women, and he will flee, flashing heels.
  4. Pretend fanatic.Choose your any religion - Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism, Jehovah's witnesses and convince his companion in all the postulates of the chosen faith.If there is a dispute - mortally offended.If you will be silent - blame the fact that he does not care and that God / Allah / Cthulhu punish him, and he will burn in hell.

learn how to "blow the" Man of cultural written many psychological benefits.If you are a man had a couple of dates and you will become clear that this candidate does not suit you, use the banal standard phrases like: "It's not you, it's me", "I'm not yet ready with someone to meet""I need more personal space."If the relationship was rather long, polite better dump the guy, explaining honestly and firmly reason for his bad decisions for him.

To dump the guy, rough or soft, there are many tips experienced ladies.For example:

  1. Introduce Man with his mother.Or say you want him to meet her.
  2. On the first date talking about marriage, children, bridesmaid dresses and so on.
  3. restaurant, order the most expensive meal and then refuse, citing the fact that you do not want to eat.For any questions offended with the words "What do you want, I'm sorry?".
  4. is late as much as you allow conscience.And then another 10 minutes later.Every time apologize with tears and assurances that it will not happen again.
  5. immediately start calling him diminutive words.Select a lack of his appearance and turn it into a lisp epithet: Hippo, puzatik, Scout, Nibbler, hair-worm - fit all.
  6. If man - your friend and hopes to go to the status of her boyfriend, start to discuss with him your fictional and real lovers: who better to stay, someone better "unleash the money", and who is so bad in bed that it quickly need to forget.
  7. If the case goes to the intima, and you do not know how to get out, ask the guy to undress.When you see his cock start to laugh, pointing.Appropriate words are "What a chubby / ugly thin / hunchback / small / funny!"brutal method, but true.The more you it near him will not see.

If you want to blow the guy on SMS, it is necessary to clearly and definitely look up words for the message.We need to write clearly and firmly to the recipient did not have any doubt in your break.