How to kiss a guy for the first time ?

first kiss is important for everyone, because of it is stored memories of a lifetime as the first love and first date.Many believe that the girl was in any case should not kiss the guy first.This controversial opinion.On the one hand, so it will show their availability and willingness to more intimate activities.On the other hand, there is nothing wrong and shameful in wanting to kiss the guy first.

first kiss: you or he

Before deciding for the first time to kiss a Man, think carefully about what it is.If a man behaves with confidence, it is easy and fun to talk with you, is the initiator of your common actions (eg, the first offers you somewhere to go in the evening), then you jump to the first deep kiss is not worth it.The time will come and he will do everything it should.You only need to relax and to respond to the kiss, repeating his actions, because these guys are, in most cases, already know how to kiss.

If a guy is shy, behaves stiffly, afraid to touch you, then do not take it as his hostility to you.If he is with you, then he likes you, and he is afraid to do something extra, not to spoil your relationship.The reasons for such behavior on his part may be several.Perhaps you're the first girl, with which it occurs, and therefore he does not know how to to behave.Perhaps he has a deep experience of the first kiss, but it feels to you strong feelings and does not want to ruin your relationship.In both cases, the man will be afraid to kiss you first.So we need help from the girls, and you can safely kiss a guy for the first time.

How to kiss for the first time: general tips

Remember that first kiss is very important.From how it will be, it depends on whether your relationship to develop further or to come to naught.Everyone has his first kiss, but it is possible to give general advice on how to kiss a guy for the first time.They need to follow if you do not want to be trapped.

  • Choose the correct situation for the first kiss.On the first date deep kiss inappropriate.The maximum that can afford a girl - guy kiss on the cheek when saying goodbye.Thus you will show that you would spend time with him and you're ready to further relations, while not doing anything extra.
  • Do not kiss a guy in those moments when he was very keen on conversation and really wants to tell you a story.Listen to it with interest, and when he's finished, you can kiss him.
  • not kiss Man, if you see that you do not like him.Since neither you nor he did not get the pleasure of a kiss.Also, I do not recommend kissing drunk or have just smoked a Man.Respect yourself and remember that first kiss will not happen again.Is a kiss you wanted to remember?
  • Gathering for the first time to kiss a Man, pay attention to how you look.Be neat, tidy and beautiful.Do not have much to be painted.A large number of cosmetics can scare and beat off any desire to kiss.Pay particular attention to lipstick and perfume.It is not necessary prior to a date to pour the floor, bottle of perfume.Pungent odor at best, can cause discomfort and at worst - allergy.Lipstick is also better to postpone for a more suitable cases.You do not want a guy to remember the taste of your lipstick instead of the taste of your lips?Maximum - a light and fragrant lip gloss.
  • Best First Kiss - in a romantic setting in the middle or near the end of a date.
  • first kiss should be sincere welcome, naturally.It is better to be wrong and to behave naturally, than to try to do everything strictly according to the scheme in my head scrolling advice of their girlfriends.Before the kiss you must show that you are genuinely interested in a guy and that you wish to kiss him.
  • Pay attention to your breath.It is clear that it must be fresh and enjoyable.Before a date can clean teeth at home, but how to be in a situation where you go to a cafe or a restaurant?Taking with him the mints.That candy and not bubble gum.First, you look not very romantic, if a partner will enjoy chewing your face while your mouth is busy chewing gum.Secondly, where do you get to the gum when it is you no longer need?Spits it at the guy, too, it is not very romantic, and take out of his mouth and put on the plate, too.Mints convenient: in which case they can be swallowed, and freshen breath, they are not worse than gum.

first kiss with tongue

now closer to the subject.So, here's how to kiss a guy with a tongue for the first time:

  • Think about how you'll breathe before and during a kiss.Bear in mind that while kissing people breathe calmly.Do not try to hold your breath or participation.It looks artificial and does not add to your attractiveness.If you hold your breath, then you will have to interrupt the kiss to take a sip of air.This can spoil the impression of a kiss.
  • Now about the eyes.Before you see the guy kiss in the eye.Sight should be straight and interested.When your lips meet, both eyes must be closed.Otherwise, get a kiss ugly, because your face will be very close to each other are arranged.It would be embarrassing.With eyes closed kiss is produced naturally and feel better.
  • first kiss should not be too short or too long.You will feel yourself when you want to stop.If a guy starts to clamp his lips, and to step back, it's time to stop.
  • During a kiss hug hands the guy behind the neck or shoulders, stroking his neck, back or shoulders.
  • Many girls are afraid of the first kiss, because I do not know what to do, when the language has appeared in the mouth of a Man.If a guy is experienced, you will understand quickly how to move during a kiss.If not, you must first relax.You're not in any case should not too quickly, strongly and forcefully move the tongue.Start slowly and gently caress his tongue Man language.Imagine that your tongues communicate.Let your tongue stroking language partner on its sides and back.You can play around with the tip of his tongue Man rapid circular movements.
  • most important thing - to be sincere and tender during a kiss.Think about how you feel good with her boyfriend.And all will turn out!