How to kiss a guy?

How to kiss a guy?

You began a relationship with a guy.Nearing the first date is not far off and your first kiss with him.There are thoughts that you do not know how to kiss a guy.Of course, you are not just seen as a kiss in a movie or TV series.Perhaps a couple of times even the kiss, just to try it as it is.But it was as a child, and for a long time already.In this article we will try to help you explore the basics of kissing and learn how to kiss boys.Kiss - this is not a problem!

How to kiss a guy for the first time

Main, whether natural.Before the kiss think about his feelings for the guy.Not learn some techniques from Watched Videos about kissing.Otherwise, during the kiss you will remember if you kiss a guy that now needs to be done with the lips properly, and that - with the language.It should not just be!You have to surrender to the moment of the kiss;body, thoughts and feelings to be close to your loved ones.Think about how you are happy that he kisses you, to listen to their feelings.After kissing a guy so cool!

Remember, every guy is kissing in their own way.If you like his actions, yield to him to repeat what he was doing.At the same time you can take the initiative in their own hands and show the guy how to kiss like you.For example, if you would think that he is too active, slightly pulls away from it, without raising his eyes, and kiss his lips intermittently.His actions will become more tender afterwards.And if you yourself want more activity in a kiss, it's easier.Apply the following techniques as you like.

How to kiss a woman lips

Delicate and light kissing lips are very attractive and teasing guy because in his mind scrolled thought about what will happen next.He begins to want you more and more.Touch her wet lips to his.Girth of his lower lip and then his upper lip.Gently aspirated and let them, and then Pausch with them in her soft tongue.

How to kiss a guy passionately

Girls should pay attention to the guys reaction when kissing passionately.They say that the guys gets when she kisses him passionately.If the guy bored, think that all you are doing is correct.

Now let's talk about the most technology.In order to properly kiss a guy passionately, follow the instructions:

  1. Turn romantic movie or TV series, which are bound to be kissing.See how to kiss a guy.Closely watching the movements of the lips and tongue lovers.
  2. If you know that, having trained on something, you will be calmer at the time of the kiss, then go ahead!It is advised to take a bite of tomato and train on it.Relax and lick his lips, they should be soft and moist.Opened his mouth and soft lips touch the tomatoes, pressed them to him.Slowly closes his lips, sucking of the tomato.Then again, his mouth open and tongue prosun inside.Relax your tongue, let it be wide, lick everything inside the tomato.Paradoxically, many of the girls will learn how to kiss a guy for the first time only after the "kiss" with tomato!
  3. does not remember any specific movement language.Just follow the rule not much to open your mouth.And remember to kiss a guy passionately - not to suck his tongue and lips.Biting is also not necessary.Use smooth movements.
  4. kiss passionately - is intense, passionate, exciting movement of the lips and tongue.Before you kiss a guy passionately, start with simple kisses lips.This intermittent sensual kisses that can gradually move to kiss with tongue, that is passionately.

Where properly kiss a guy

Besides lip there are many sites on the body, which are also in need of caresses and kisses.The neck and ears - a great place for a romantic kiss.Kiss Man chest and play the tongue and lips.Kissing on the inside of the thighs excite the guy and give him great pleasure.But just in case, look for a reaction partner that he was not tickled, it can be annoying.

best and proven way to learn how to kiss a guy - is the practice!Practice, because the more you kiss, the better and more confident you get it.With experience come and virtuosity and ability to playfully show the guy that you feel for him.Kiss as often as possible, because it is so nice!