Why change husbands ?

One of the happiest days in my life - it was a wedding.Girls, girls and women are always with great enthusiasm and with unfeigned awe belong to this holiday.Prepare a childhood dream of the perfect dress, the banquet and gifts.But what is remarkable, you never hear a man in the same care and long dreamed of this event.Perhaps the secret of why the change husbands, lies in this.Maybe they are not so need a wedding and liabilities, if they relate to the main day with such carelessness.Or simply knowing their "rights", they do not want to receive and obligations?

What are the causes of male adultery?

So why change husbands?Questions about the men's changing a lot.They are added every day, and in response to a guilty eyes or nothing at all can be obtained.Why is this happening?Are men really just "for show" need a stamp in your passport?There are several answers that will shed light on the little man's soul.

first thing we always say psychologists, fashion magazines, is the fact that the changes are always to blame for both of them.Perhaps this is so.But they are not sitting in a couple of weeks of bed, chew chocolate and cry all day long.Guilty look - bad job.Anyway, no one recognized in this guilt.We can only try to understand the cause, and then, perhaps, forgive.

If a man has reached the "critical" age, he begins to realize all your fantasies and unfulfilled dreams of youth.Each such period occurs at different times, often from 45 years.And in this period of life, recorded most of the divorces.Even if the family is in flux, and the children grew up, it does not mean that you can be safe.So say many women, especially those who are in this group of "risk" and through a divorce because of infidelity.Well, when a man can afford an expensive toy, such as a sports car.Then we can relax.But if he realizes that in his life he had not accumulated to such a thing, it starts to seek solace and exercise your male ego on the "side".

However, the causes of male adultery lie not only in this.

What is important for a man?

They say that the way to man's heart is right across the taste buds, and passes to the stomach.Maybe.Especially known are those who like to manage for a while in the kitchen.But the other women are risking.As much as it may sound funny, but if her husband would go hungry sooner or later he will seek, wherever it dinner, so it can escape to another owner.

Variety - this is what men crave, and what women are tired.Monogamy is inherent only in some species.It is interesting that most of them - animals.People often want everything and more.This is especially true of men.There are those who do not recognize monogamy in principle.In order to avoid the grief and tears of men better get round, even in simple ways.

What should be a woman?

very painful question of why change husbands wives, really worried about the beautiful half of humanity.Everything can be much easier than it seems.Maybe you're just tired of each other.Men always have to feed the adrenaline, then affection and tenderness.This is the method of "carrot and stick".All the time to cut - it's not what they need.It is on the contrary would deprive the relationship of light and sense of romance.But sometimes make share the passion and spark arranging small scandal, always cheerful and does not allow to forget that woman - is being proud and independent.Even when he is sitting at home and is only concerned with his family.And then - just to sweeten the hugs and kisses.

reason why change husbands, may lie in women's carelessness.When a woman marries, starts to equip the life and to "build a cozy nest", she can forget about another member of the family - a husband.Many women like to get stuck on the way of life, cooking, even only on the child, completely deprived of the attention of her husband.Of course, care for the newborn is not included in this list.But when a child grows up, do not forget about your man.After all, if you give him what he wants, he will never go away.

woman must be many-sided, have a lot of masks.She should be in bed horny that plays an important role in family life.Not enough sex - is the answer to 50% of men to the question of why they change.A woman should be cook in the kitchen and in the living goddess.The more that women really can play all the roles at once.It must do so in order to protect "the vulnerable child's soul" of an adult male.We hope our article will shed light on the problem of why the change husbands, and now you know how to avoid it.