How to kiss with tongue with a guy ?

How to kiss with tongue with a guy ?

"He's cool, he's great!"- Do you think about her new boyfriend.You terribly want to kiss him.And not just so - a kiss on the cheek on duty and deeply with the language, so that his legs buckled and abdominal pleasantly tickled!It remains to solve one small problem ... Learn how to kiss with tongue Man.

happens when your first deep kiss with a guy (if he has not occurred), and it's up to you.If the guy needs of kisses, and you do not yet want to, I advise you to think about how it applies to you.If a guy likes or feels strong sympathy, he would never insist that you do not want.If this happens, the more likely you are to him just entertainment, and meet you for a long time will not.If you are satisfied with this situation, then you can kiss him as much as you want.But if you want a serious relationship, that with a guy I advise them not to build.It is not suitable for this.

If everything is good, and the guy genuinely interested in what you is important and is ready to make concessions, then it is a serious relationship.If you do not want to harm them, you should know everything about kissing with tongue.How to kiss a guy with the tongue?

French kiss: it is necessary to know

first solve, what type of guys your concerns.If he is confident, interesting initiatives and affectionate with you, and it was not long after you meet, do not rush to kiss him first.He will do it himself.If enough time has passed, and it is not hinting at a kiss, then she can kiss him.Maybe he was just afraid to spoil your impression of yourself, why not kiss you so.

If your boyfriend is shy, reserved and shy, he is likely afraid to kiss you first, and is waiting for what you did.So do not be afraid to kiss the guy for the first time, showing the initiative alone.Guys love interesting and spirited girls.Moreover, it would be nice if you try to do it first.

Here are some simple tips on how to kiss a man with language:

  • Be desired for him.Men like beautiful women, but if you think not beautiful enough, you have plenty of opportunities to fix it with makeup and clothes.
  • make sure that you are ready for it, and that he wants to kiss.
  • Let smells good on you.Guys like girls that produce light and pleasant smell.
  • Fresh breath - the basis of a good kiss.
  • If your first kiss, nothing should interfere.Retreat away from prying eyes.
  • Look at the guy, his smile, say something good that touches it, or both of you, make a compliment.The boys are very fond of, when they are praised.Do not skimp on the sweet words.
  • Hold it gently by the neck or shoulders.
  • Close your eyes and press her lips to his.Touch should be unobtrusive.If a guy is shy or do not understand what you want from him, slightly vysuni tip of your tongue and try to get him in the mouth.If the guy does not help you and does not make the response, it is clear that he is not ready or does not want to kiss.If he starts to kiss you - bang, you've almost made his own!
  • Your kiss should be gentle and feminine.If it is not a prelude to sex, it is best not to kiss forcefully and deeply.Try using the kiss to express their feelings to the guy.Let it be feminine, sensual and leisurely.
  • Caress Man and his lips tongue.Consistently and gently stroked the partner language.Do not randomly move from one side to the other language, it will look rough.
  • You can caress the tip of the tongue, its back and edges.Do it the way you want.During a kiss you both understand how you want to move.
  • kiss should not be too lengthy and too short.If a guy suspends or closes your lips, do not insist.If she want to finish, then gradually slow down the speed of their movements, and then gently pulling away from the guy.