He changed his wife - what to do ?

He changed his wife - what to do ?

Treason mate is the main reason why couples break up after a few years spent together.But not all decide to leave after they learned of the adultery.Let's take a closer look than be guided by her husband, who learned about the change.So, what to do - wife is cheating on her husband?

Calm, just calm

Emotions can overfill the husband, who learned about his wife's infidelity.In fact, a betrayal threatens your relationship.But, having calmed down, some men forgive betrayal, thereby strengthening the marriage bond.

Things to think about when you learned that you had changed the wife:

  • is a betrayal of her traits, or it was just a careless or a deliberate move on the part of (possibly under the influence of alcohol);
  • if there are mitigating factors: extreme stress, desire for revenge, and so on;
  • whether cheating due to the fact that your relationship cooled;
  • as the wife belongs to the incident: denies any wrongdoing and shifts it to you, or an admission of guilt and is ready to work to strengthen the bonds of marriage;
  • Are you willing to forgive the guilty party, or cheating will always remind myself, so it is not a normal family relations are not possible.

If you are currently not able to think calmly may be to engage a third party.For example, an experienced psychologist will help you to renew calm communication with your spouse.

costs or forgive

Most often, the family breaks up, if the wife has changed.What to do if you want to save your marriage?Try to make every effort to avoid a repeat of treason.Perhaps she showed weaknesses marriage.Try to strengthen the party.Spend more time with his wife and children.Joint leisure common interests unite.Take time to quietly discuss the events and news that have accumulated over the past day.Do not be so busy with work or entertainment, not enough time to just chat over a mug of tea or at the dinner table.

Changed wife!What to do: could forgive?Remember, if you are determined to restore the relationship, never reproach wife cheating - it will only aggravate the situation.Learn how to safely express their feelings, and over time you will notice that the resentment and anger that you felt after the betrayal, will cause you less pain and eventually disappear completely.Although the change mate is not good, it can lead to the fact that your family will be more robust than before the betrayal.

if the emotional wound so severe, that does not allow you to continue to exist peacefully with the changing you man, if you see that, despite all your efforts, your wife keeps you change, then the decision to leave may be the best in a given situation.In any case it is necessary to come to some decision.It is clear that this question is not easy.Especially if your shoulders for more than a year of living together.So do not rush, try to think carefully about everything after the first wave of emotions subside.And consistently act according to your decision.Your friends the best of intentions can advise to take a variety of solutions, but the decision itself, and bear responsibility for the consequences to you.