How to kiss with tongue ?

Kissing always pleasant.French kiss, he is the kiss with the tongue, gives a special pleasure.During his two men are experiencing such feelings, which does not give the usual kiss on the lips or cheek.Kissing with tongue at first sight seem difficult, in fact it is easy and simple, you just kiss once or twice.But many who have not yet kissed so deeply afraid that they did not turn out so shy and kiss their partners, as to kiss the language to them something out of the ordinary.And in vain!Fold all their fears and complexes in the side!Here are a few tips on how to kiss on the mouth with tongue.

How to learn to kiss with tongue

  • If you never kiss with the tongue before, then make your first kiss memorable.Let it happen on a romantic date with a man, in which you are passionate about or that you like very much.Kiss is largely dependent on the senses to the person with whom you kiss.Believe me, the kiss of interest and a kiss with a man in whom you are in love - as the earth and the sky.Sensations in the second case much nicer.
  • Think about how you look.French kiss - quite intimate caress.Make sure that your partner does not feel discomfort.You should be neat and tidy.
  • If you are still quite new and do not know how to kiss tongue, remember what is probably wrong.So, you can not: harsh and lots of perfume or cologne, oily and bitter lipstick, a lot of makeup on her face, bad breath, dirty teeth and mouth.
  • Needed: clean clothes neat, easy pleasant smell of perfume, fresh breath.
  • Select the appropriate setting.Kissing with tongue with a girl for the first time is better alone, in a quiet and relaxing environment with the confidence that nobody and nothing can stop you.
  • So, how to kiss with tongue.Relax.If you are tense, you can not move the language course, and it is - one of the main conditions.The first kiss should not be sluggish or energetic, too short or too long.Try to find a middle ground.
  • not always appropriate to talk about the partner that you want to kiss him, and even explain in what way.Certainly not worth talking about: "Turn to me, open your mouth and I'll kiss you!"But talking about the kiss - it's a good way to tell if your partner wants you to kiss him.Try to ask a question in a light and cheerful tone.For example: "What if I kiss you?"or "Can I kiss you?".Remember that it all depends on the situation.The second question is better to ask directly to the partner's eyes.In his reaction, even if you do not get a straight answer, you will be able to understand if they want to kiss a partner.
  • do not try to hold their breath before the kiss.People breathe calmly when kissing.
  • Many wonder how to keep your head while kissing.To the nose is not prevented, the head should be positioned at a slight angle to the head partner.
  • During a kiss hug partner.The first kiss is not necessary to proceed to the exciting caresses.Girls best guy to hug the shoulders or neck.Young people during the kiss usually hug her waist.Iron the partner's back, back of the head hair.

kiss with tongue technique

Now more about the process of kiss.

  • Again we decided to use visual aids to explain how to kiss with tongue.Pictures reflect well enough kissing technique.You can find other pictures, a lot of them on the Internet.An illustrative material is always good to use if you learn something.Pictures and photos, how to kiss with tongue - useful material for beginners.
  • look partner in the eye, expressing to him my feelings gaze before a kiss.Sight should be straight and open.Let your partner's eyes read a sincere desire.
  • Gently hug partner and tighten it to yourself.Close your eyes and priniknite to his lips.
  • First a little kiss on the lips partner, then gently open your.This will give you to understand that we are ready for closer contact.
  • Gently pierce his tongue in her mouth partner, touch his tongue and start stroking it.Remember that everything should happen naturally and naturally, so your language should not be too intense, but also sluggish.
  • When languages ​​are mutually kiss move and stroked each other.Ironed language can be on the back, under the root and at the edges.The main thing - do it with feeling.
  • During a kiss the lips must touch and move.The movement of the lips during a kiss is due to pressure on the lips partner.You then lightly press down on his lip, then relax, then open the mouth wider, then closes, so far as the language.It occurs throughout the kiss.
  • Lips should not be in the same position in which the lips are a partner.During the kiss, do not be afraid to kiss the skin around the lips.
  • You can vary the depth, speed and way of kissing.You can make a deep and passionate kiss (so far as the length of the language) and not very deep, but gentle.It can be quickly kissing (but the main thing - do not overdo it with speed) and slowly.You can also change the movements themselves kissing.You can stroke the entire surface of the tongue or kissing the tips of languages ​​only.You can take a little longer for a single movement (for example, a long caress his tongue).Ideas - the mass, the main thing that was the desire of both partners to implement them!

And remember that to learn how to kiss perfectly possible only by means of active practice.Enjoy your kisses!