How to kiss in 12 years ?

Kiss - is an important and exciting moment in the life of every person, especially if that teen age 12. The excitement overwhelms the soul.Young creatures want to all passed without awkwardness, and the partner did not notice the lack of experience in this business.It is important that from the kisses were pleasant and vivid memories and time spent together, remember the good and magic.

, will not be more than a little to everything went as planned to understand how to properly kiss in 12 years.Kiss - is a fun process, it expresses the mutual sympathy between the girl and her boyfriend.No need to worry and think only about how, when and where it will happen.All happen by itself, and just when you need to.

  1. First tip - make sure you select the right partner.This person must be really dear to you, you should feel each other genuine feelings, tender, special love, which is inherent only as the young age of twelve.It depends on the choice of a partner, how enjoyable will kiss, and what emotions it will cause you after a while.
  2. In order to set the right tone for a date, you must select a pleasant and comfortable environment.Some people absolutely can not hesitate to kiss on the street in the presence of strangers, other important complete privacy.In this and in another case, it would be better if some beautiful and secluded place is chosen for such an intimate process.
  3. you have a fear of the unknown is able to spoil the beauty of what is happening.Prepare in advance, you can share your fears with a close friend, maybe she already has experience in how to kiss in 12 years, will give you good advice and just moral support.
  4. Kiss In the first place it touched only a closer and intimate.In order to understand how to kiss in 12 years, and how much you are willing to kiss, first you can simply hug, gently stroking each other.If you are more attracted to each other, it means that you are both passionate about the proximity and ready to kiss.Better to start with a simple kiss lips - they are no less enjoyable than the more explicit, for example, kissing with tongue.Let the first kiss will not be hurried.Tempt partner slowly, enjoying every moment.At the same time, try to feel it a mutual response to touching, kissing should be fun for both.
  5. At a young age all intimate experiences - it is something new and unknown.To know ourselves and understand how to kiss in 12 years, it is useful to practice alone.You can try to kiss his hand, forearm or wrist.As an exercise you can try to kiss closed lips or slightly opening his mouth.At first glance, such manipulations seem silly, but at the same time the only way to gain experience and skills of first kisses.