How to get rid of a mistress ?

The appearance of her husband's mistress always shows that he was something lacking in the relationship with you.But it does not mean it is ready to make a choice in any direction.Often the desire to remain mistress and her dreams, and you should try to do everything to keep the family together, and to help her husband to return the old feelings.This article will talk about how to get rid of a mistress, if there is such a problem in your family, and give advice on how his wife and himself a man.

Tips wife

If there is confidence that the husband changes, but carefully tries to hide this fact, it means that he appreciates his family, and then you have to pitch in and save his unit of society.Someone immediately begin to look for an opportunity to calculate the opponent and seriously talk to her, and the other will look for means of indirect effects, for example, refer to a fortune.Neither one nor the other method is not suitable.Here it is necessary to act zdravomyslenno and deliberately, without the interference of the dark forces and black emotions.We offer 5 points, following which you can decide for themselves the question of how to get rid of her husband's mistress.

understand themselves

This will be an important moment in the beginning of your struggle with a rival.We must try to understand, I want to stay with this man more or would like to start a new one.Maybe just sharpened sense of ownership, and actually interesting to someone else was there.A positive answer to it gives an understanding that we must fight.Then you need to stock up on patience and accumulate strength for the upcoming military operations.If, however, overcame doubts or there is a possibility of a negative response, then you have to shake things up and move on, saying - remains to be seen who are more fortunate.

rational approach

flog a fever is not necessary, even if you really want to create a scandal and express everything that you think about it.But he himself knows all this, so your strength and nerves do not need to spend, and it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons, and with a cool head to rush to the reconquest of his beloved.But in the fall do not need the extreme, depicting the humility and obedience.This can have the opposite effect and only alienate man.Do not allow yourself to allow yourself any missteps in the form of speech reservations, scandalous behavior, or recourse to magic rituals.You will see that decent behavior you will be rewarded handsomely!

Romantic memories

man should know that his presence near important to you.To strengthen this feeling will help joint memories of old times, when you were with him at the beginning of the relationship.Be sure to find funny stories or some pleasant moments, which will return you to the past.We must try to keep the element of chance and surprise at the same time that he did not have the feeling that your words and actions rehearsed and prepared.

ease and charm

can not dwell on the issue and become despondent.It will not benefit relations.Even if the soul scratching cats, it is necessary to go out, socialize with friends and attend entertainment events.And look at this for 100!Let him see that you can be a fun and without it, in response to this should make him a sense of infringement of the "I", "how do without me ?!".And if you still want porevet, there is no need to restrain themselves, as long as no one saw or heard.Discharge is also required.

recognition of their mistakes

very difficult to look for a cons, but have to do it.It is necessary to dismantle their behavior on the shelves and to make the right conclusions.Negative experience - experience, too, is to treat it with understanding, not to advance in the future on the same rake & amp;.Tips


Many follow this advice when the question arises, how to get rid of the man's mistress, so it become bad for her.But few people realize that by doing so can aggravate the situation and angry woman with whom intend to break off relations.It is best to do the opposite and torturing her with his attention and control:

  • often call her
  • Constantly ask about what she was doing
  • Show your jealousy
  • themselves start a scandal, and then force herself to apologize
  • Be against hermeetings with friends
  • Do not give flowers and gifts

All your behavior must say that you are suffering and harass her.Normal women it should alert and call her desire to part with such a man.