How to seduce a woman ?

How to seduce a woman ?

Some people think that the seduction of women defies logic, and some even call it alchemy, magic and banal luck.However, there are a whole set of useful rules, which will allow many men to succeed in this difficult field.

In this article, we will tell you how to seduce a woman, what a pick-up and how to use it, as well as look at common mistakes that scare women.

From the point of view of a woman

When men look "slips" for the fair sex, he only sees her physical appearance (especially form) and age.However, on a subconscious level, the body assesses the appearance as a health indicator, and age - like the ability to reproduce healthy offspring.Women also evaluate men differently.The main component is the strength.And the moral force is more important in contemporary society than physical.

Women appreciate men on how they behave, how confident, how to react to different situations, as well as looking at men's behavior in communicating with other women.If a man has the strength of will, he will be able to protect their unborn children, and to ensure a happy future of the family.

Women are very multifaceted and not always lend themselves to conventional logic: even if you manage to make a good impression on a woman, do not assume that you will easily put her to bed.Another interesting fact is that if you play a decent man, hiding his desire, you do not always manage to tie the woman.And it also happens that if a man still seduce a woman, unknown to him, she can dream about something (or someone) else.

Tips on the first date

Do not be afraid to make compliments!There is a myth that, without making compliments, you are very attached to his woman.This is not true.With the compliments you will be of interest to the person, and the right to make a compliment (certainly not banal) further arrange it for you.

At the meeting try to "lead" the woman behind him.Shaking hands, take her hand and lead in the right direction.This will give the woman to feel that you know how to take responsibility, and she felt herself driven.Never ask on a first date, it is good or bad, that is pleasant and what is not.If a woman is something not satisfied, it will let you know.

Some of the fair sex can take the initiative and start to control you.This can be done unconsciously, to understand how a man can be controlled.Try to take a girl on a first date to wherever you want to do, even if offered a place it will be a good idea.Thus, you will be able to retain the leadership.Do not fold the stick and do not make it a walk on a snow-covered park in the cold for several hours, otherwise this interview will be the first and the last.

initiative is good, but in moderation

Be self-sufficient, not live her alone.If you want a woman to him, do not bother her constant calls, visits, and become dependent on the dialogue with her.This initiative will only cause the opposite reaction on the part of women.Continue to live as before, be engaged in the affairs of their workers, sometimes even possible to dispense with the meeting.Such men, on the contrary, cause the respect and love.Some women believe that a man should give himself to her without a trace, but if you move away from time to time, such an approach can be very effective.On


Common interests, as they say, bring together, so try to find them from each other.You may notice that many men are closer to those women with whom they have common cause, work, hobbies, etc.Joint exercises develop trust between man and woman.If you do not have common interests, try to organize them.However, this does not guarantee that a woman will be yours.


If you have acted according to our instructions, it is possible that a woman has a strong interest in you and in my heart is waiting for intimacy.But like the first step, not every dare.Take this case for yourself, as if you are the first to seduce her, leaving no choice.

Dame important to feel as if it has nothing to do with it, so in a moment of intimacy, try not to listen to her.Agrees that "it is too early", but continue their work (of course, if we are not talking about any active attempts to avoid proximity).In this case, it decides that did everything I could, but you conquered it.

As you can see, seduction is no big deal, it is only important to remember that to win a woman, you need to listen to her desires.Read also our article and the other on a similar theme: how to attract women.

Well, now the unpleasant - error.

Common Mistakes

men consider a few common mistakes that men make when courting the ladies.

  • Excessive "mush" (when a man pours compliments left and right).Remember, in all good measure, do not go too far.
  • Fixation on sexual relations.Do not rush things: a woman gives herself to understand when it is ready for intimate relations.
  • Excessive obsession.Do not phoning her every day and monitor its actions, as well as to check where and with whom she is.
  • Miser.If you are not willing to pay the bill in a restaurant space, take your lady to a place easier and offer to pay for her dinner.The phrase: "Well, pay your bill in half?" Only repel it from you.
  • reminder of the past.Do not constantly telling her about her ex.No woman will not tolerate such stories, no matter how wonderful or terrible nor was your ex.

briefly on pick up artist

Let's see what the pickup.Pick-up in translation from English means "pick."The pickup is based on psychology: it tricks observations, views and methods with which to charm the opposite sex.The main purpose of today's pick up artist - drag as much as possible women in bed.Often resorted to the pickup young people unsure of themselves.Recently addicted to this case and girls.Girls use men, "sucking" of them all that is possible.

However, in modern society, and they both use aggressive techniques, full of selfishness.Now, the whole point of a pickup is reduced only to the bed, and was originally meant by that love and relationships.If you close the pickup theme and you want to see it a little deeper, we suggest you read our article How to breed girls, as well as check out the pickup.