Where is the clitoris ?

many young people, and most of all, very young people, interested in the question, where is the clitoris and how to caress it, to take the most of your girlfriend.In this article, we'll show you where the woman is the clitoris, and not only that, you will learn about the ways of his affection, and the myths associated with this "king of sex".So, if your partner is not too shy, we can quickly find the clitoris, like the touch and see it.Of course, for optimal stimulation of the pleasure of this wonderful conductor is best to maintain visual contact with the genitals girlfriend.

clitoris, where it is?

Look at the place where fused and slightly diverge downward labia in women, you can see - slightly below the pubic area?Now slightly dilute first large and then small lips to the side - your eyes appear small crease - the clitoral hood, which is necessary in order to protect the clitoris irritation.Lift it and you will see something like peas or small berries.This is the head of the clitoris - the most sensitive area of ​​the female body.All consider the clitoris, of course, can not be, because it is almost completely hidden inside.But his head is almost always visible, if not completely, then at least enough that it can be caressed.In some women, the clitoris big (or rather - his head), and some - barely noticeable.By the structure of the clitoris is somewhat similar to the male sexual organ.However, it consists of two legs and inside the clitoris to the same several times more sensitive than the penis, as in a very large number of nerve endings.

Proper stimulation of the clitoris

How correctly to caress the clitoris?Just say that there is not some universal method caress the clitoris, just as there is no "correct" the stimulation of a woman's breasts and vagina.Often, they say, how many women, so many orgasms.This statement is close to the truth.Some women get an orgasm, even after stimulation of the breast, some directly in the process of sexual intercourse, when the penis is in the vagina, some also can get the greatest pleasure from caress the clitoris.Let's talk a little more about it.

head of the clitoris can be stimulated in different ways, and here again it all depends on your partner's feelings.One girls like it when their clitoris to a head almost touching the tips of the fingers or tongue, like others, when the head of the clitoris rhythmically jam, still others enjoy the stimulation area around the head.In this touching can be completely different both in quality and in rhythm.There are also some women who do not like clitoral stimulation, but they like, for example, when caressed their breasts and stimulate the genitals of another way.In general, everything is very individual.On the one hand, it can scare an inexperienced young man, on the other hand - if the two are not afraid to talk about sex, they have every chance to feel happy in private life.So: try to share and your health!