How to kiss passionately ?

Most boys and girls, are at an early stage of relations with the opposite sex, often expressed his concern about the question "how to kiss passionately?".Nobody wants to kiss on the first hit in a totally absurd situation.The Perfect Snogging is no big deal, most importantly trust in your intuition.

In this article we will talk about what you need to know before you give your beloved or chosen one first kiss.Provided below tips will help avoid embarrassing situations.

How to kiss passionately Man or Woman

Where to start

If you are convinced that a girl or a guy feel to you feelings and willing to give a kiss, is to control their emotions, which clearly will overwhelm you at this moment.Look the person in front of the eye, hug and gently touch her lips to his.

If you want to kiss a girl and a guy, remember the man's psychology.Do not be too active and fully to take the initiative.Most guys can be frightened of it.But this is not to say that your active position should be zero.Just be careful that sensuality and shyness did not outweigh each other.

What to do with

tongue kiss passionately When the main role goes to language.The language can be a partner to caress her lips and penetrate into his mouth.Although the classic kiss passionately easily do without the language and does not allow anything more than light bites and ingestion of lip partner.But the French kiss is that partners use language to give each other pleasure.

If the person with whom you kiss, he pushed the language of your lips, you can find him quite experienced partner.However, if after a minute that did not happen, then you need to take the initiative.The main thing is not to overdo it.

partner Language should be quick to lick a circular motion.Guys this is especially nice.Take care not to accidentally bite the tongue of the partner, it may interfere with the continuation of a kiss.

Many inner side of the mouth is an erogenous zone.Start licking her around, make this technique uniquely partner to lose your head.

Kissing passionately, do not be afraid to experiment, observe how the partner responds and tells you your sixth sense.

also worth thinking about where in this moment will be in your hands.During a kiss with a partner you can hug him gently, caressing the back, neck, chest and face.It instantly creates an intimate atmosphere and will give the partner a pleasant feeling.

How to breathe while kissing passionately

If you are used to breathing through the mouth, then your even the most passionate kiss is unlikely to last longer than one minute.From this habit you need to get rid of.

Try to learn to breathe through the nose, so you can extend the kiss on as much as you wish.And you do not have to constantly be suspended from a partner to grab for breath.The ability to breathe through the nose while kissing passionately will allow you to completely relax.

When you first kiss a partner, regardless of whether it's a guy or a girl, offer you a completely different side of the sensual and gentle language to touch his lips to say much more than words.

How to learn to kiss passionately

kissing technique is important.But no less important role played by knowledge about how to behave with a kiss passionately.

  • Be simple and perfect.Make sure that your kiss could not prevent bad breath or sharp aroma of perfume.Aesthetics and naturalness is ideal for the majority.
  • Relax.Drop all unnecessary thoughts fetter you and cause fear.Try to relax completely with a loved one, focus on sensual kiss and have fun.
  • move.Do not stand the statue!Remember that a kiss is like a game of two people.Change the position of the body, biting partner, caress his head, back and neck.
  • Trust.Stop clamped and withdraw into themselves, fully open your partner.

How to kiss passionately: Video

If our instructions is not enough for you, please use the visual Video Tutorials "how to kiss passionately."