How to change the girl ?

How to change the girl ?

Everyone knows that the betrayal - a betrayal, but sometimes it wants diversity in sex and new experiences.In most cases, this step resolved guys.But not everyone knows how to change the girl, that she did not suspect anything.A few tips you will find below.

How to change the girl, that she did not know?

choices for betrayal is huge.You can get acquainted with the lovely lady on the street, in a cafe, cinema, bank and ask her out.Perhaps, in the first meeting, and you will not achieve your goal, but the gallant treatment will be able to have a good time.


Meet with new passion in places where you do not spend time with his lover.Also, there should not walk by your friends and your girl, because anyone of them can you see and tell others.The best option would be to rent an apartment: a romantic atmosphere will be, and you can easily achieve the desired.

to infidelity go unnoticed, buy another sim card, because your girl can answer a call when you leave somewhere.Moreover, there revnivitsy who browse calls his men and read the message.All this must be immediately removed to avoid falling into an awkward situation.

Plan ahead of his meeting with the new passion.We need a week to inform you about important matters girl and stick to this version.After all, the fair sex is often suspected of treason lovers, so get ready to answer tricky questions.You can also ask a trusted friend to help you.On the day of visits, it is desirable to turn off the phone, so as not to get into an awkward situation.After all, she can call you to make sure that you are exactly where told.And there will be reference to the dead battery.

To the girl did not suspect you of treason, try to call her before and after his meeting with a new passion.So your lover will think that you have not forgotten about it, and the rest.

When the change is not worth

Never change a girl with her friend, even if she has your attention to the signs.She can tell you about your affair, to embroil you.Besides, you should not start an affair with the beloved relatives or neighbors for the same reason.Do not bring a new passion in my apartment, because if your girl later find out there female hairpin or even someone else's bra, will be almost impossible to get out.