How to change the girl ?

How to change the girl ?

In the matter of treason, we are always adamant when it comes to others.However, if you think about it quite often to blame for infidelity of partners and ourselves.In this article we will talk about how to change the girl, and why this is happening.We describe here the most typical cases.

As she changes the guy

There are three possibilities.The first is that the man ceases to pay sufficient attention to the girl, preferring it to whatever their hobbies, and spending on them all his free time.In this case, it is not every girl is able to stand it for a very long time.Sooner or later, there is another man, or the man who saw grieving beauty, begins to court her.So gradually going process of convergence - and here it is treason.However, it also happens that everything happens much faster.In this case the judge for a Woman, of course, possible, but no less guilty, and her boyfriend.The second typical case is that the guy has found a girl, so to speak, "non-severe" behavior, which is guided by the principle: "To become a happy life, a little man."Well, as they say, hereinafter.Here again - much earlier I watched?Typically, these relationships are tied to the intimate ground and the guy to the girl bound, and she said to him - no.And the third option - revenge.Moreover, it can be a place not necessarily for treason, and often for other faults: disregard, disrespect, etc.

Why do girls change

part, we have already answered this question.But the shortest and most accurate answer: change, because they are something they do not like this young man.This can be either a young person's attitude or problems in bed.You also can not exclude the option of a rich lover who takes the material girl's whims.At the same time a young man sometimes just do not think.But this is rare.Basically the causes of infidelity are commonplace: disrespect, disdain, reluctance to improve the quality of sexual life.One may argue and condemn, but to change, both by women and by men, as a rule, both are guilty.And one more question, many disturbing how often girls change?In fact, arguments about what sex is more idle, useless, as always said and will repeat: it is true and not too lacking among the people of both sexes.Therefore it is not worth all the "cut one size fits all" and insulting half their disbelief.Appearance and manners also are deceptive.Sometimes a girl with a playful nature may be more correct than any demure, shyly smiling at you in the evening, and she twisting affair behind you.Moreover, high treason - a thing is not so often as some would like jealous.And, as we have said, almost any betrayal their own reasons.

How to avoid infidelity

In the case of a girl who "one man enough", a rhetorical question.Only if such have a very strong love, it will be possible to count on its loyalty.If not, then you either have to put up with her adventures, and wait until the time of light, or send a friend to go to hell and not illusions.If the girl is highly material needs, it is necessary to try to satisfy them, or she should also have so very much to love.In other cases, you just need to give her half enough attention, take care of her, cuddle affection and compliments, even sometimes make gifts and spend more time together.After all, when the beloved near, any normal girl thinking about change is not even there, simply because the more she and no one needs.Conclusion: The more often be close and engaged in chores together, discuss issues with each other, sincerely interested in concerns the woman he loved.Well, I guess now you understand why and how to change the girl.And as we all know: forewarned is forearmed.