How to make a man ?

you love?In your head now and then creep insidious thoughts, how to get a man?Do not be afraid of these thoughts, do not push them.It is absolutely normal - to make plans on how to get what you want.Do not play the saint, and take these ideas for granted.The only way you will be able to act and win.Moreover, what exactly reflect almost all the women, and you worse than them?

Of course, it is believed that the woman is indecent to fight for the love of the opposite sex, because it is the privilege of men.But, as the wait until he will pay attention to you can be a very long time or even forever, then proceed to attack.The main thing that this attack was the secret to your lover and had no idea that it is open hunting, otherwise it may begin to resist.

How to win a man's heart

The first thing you should do is decide for yourself for sure - you will need it or is it a short time a fad, not worth your attention.If you feel that it is - it is exactly what you need, he's the one you've been waiting for, it will be enough to delay!Start a war for love.

Stand out

first stage of love is very important.You must have remembered him stand out from the crowd, the gray mass.Since you are a woman, you already have a couple of aces up his sleeve.What could be more beautiful than a graceful female figure, covered with beautiful clothes?Do not dress too vulgar, but also did not wear 'burqa'.Your zest can be inside you, but every now and then manifest itself outwardly.You know better than you can entice a man.Just remember, when you first meet a person adds you to their opinion, and it will depend on exactly how you behave and what you say.So do not be superfluous here, even self-praise.

matter of habit

How to get the love of a man who has long been familiar with all the women's tricks?Become even more cunning than his previous chosen ones.Come up with something brilliantly simple, but effective.For example, to tell you the situation.Man, I was trying to win, I was in love affairs are much more experienced than I am.It seemed that no female cunning is not able to influence it.But then I remembered Pavlov and his experiments with dogs.

Every morning started with the fact that I am in the same time sent him a small but affectionate message.It lasted just a week, and he was used to this little ritual.In then came one day when I "forgot" to send SMS.Oh, yeah, I forgot to turn your phone on loud mode.Of course, I expected that he was a little alarmed, but did not think that after a few minutes on my door it rings, and I see the terrified lover on your doorstep.So this proves that love - it is also a habit.If you want to draw his attention to itself, do what he expects from you.

man should seek a woman

Everyone has long known that men - conquerors.He, like the others, likes to seek his own, to prove to myself and others, that's exactly it - "tough guy."Give him a chance so fun, even trying to fight for you, even a little "run."Complicate his task, not to show indifference, but do not let him get too close.Thus, we find that both of you are hunting each other, but he does not hide this fact, and you have both.


During the conversation with him conquer his trust.Let not the first time, but try to make sure that he wanted to open your heart and tell people they feel or felt once warm feelings.Move it to the memories of happy moments, the events of his life that are forever etched in his memory.It should work a scientifically proven method of transfer of feelings.That is, when a person is sharing with someone pleasant emotions, he begins to experience something good and to whom all this says.And most importantly, he begins to trust him.If your man trusts you, then consider that it is almost yours.

How to win the beloved man: a few tips

  • After several days spent together, suddenly disappear out of his sight.Turn off the phone and do not appear for several days.Can you explain the fact that you had to think about.Let them feel that you can lose that without you it bad and you will begin to appreciate.
  • Call it jealousy.Let him see that he has a competitor and does not relax.Every man wants to know that a woman is someone else interested in and that if he would leave her, she immediately find a replacement.So it feeds their interest.
  • not throw headlong into the maelstrom of feelings.How could you not fall in love, keep yourself in their hands and try to always maintain a sober mind.You do not need all the time to go to him to make concessions and try something to please, because he has in you fall in love, and not begin to perceive as a service center.This is usually a man caring for his partner, and not vice versa.
  • monitor their appearance and accuracy.You should always look at 100%.Only then can we think about how to win the man of her dreams.
  • Never swear, girls are not swear words.
  • showing him my intelligence, do not do so, he felt stupid compared to you.
  • Be at one and the same time, strong and weak.On the one hand, he wants to protect you, because you are fragile, delicate woman, and on the other - will know that in a difficult time for him, you will always be able to support it.

To win the heart of a man, be yourself, but sometimes connect her feminine cunning and he will certainly get into your network!Good luck in the "conquest"!