How to change?

probably should not talk about that betrayal - is the most popular around the world the cause of termination of the relationship and divorce.This is one of the many negative aspects, faced by people in the relationship.At some point in every relationship will encounter difficulty, and is such that they went so far as this is when cheating.How to change in order to start to take action to save the relationship can be found in this article.

Men's betrayal

Today, faithful husbands - a huge rarity.Statistics shows that 3 out of 4 men change wives!This 3 women out of 4 believe that the couple keep their loyalty and betrayal, only one suspect.Treason man a woman is always shocking.What are the signs of unfaithful husbands, and how to identify her husband's infidelity?Here's what you need to pay attention if there are suspicions about her husband's infidelity:

Appearance.When a man gets on the side of the novel, he is always trying to look especially attractive.He visits the gym, watching his appearance to emphasize his masculinity, and it updates your wardrobe.The most notable and the most basic features of a probable treason - this attention to your body, health and underwear.

relationship with you.If the spouse appears another woman, it inevitably changes his attitude towards you.So now you own a part of it and its power, and the other "walking by itself."Man becomes estranged and less attentive.

delay at work.It is the most popular way to "disguise" the free time spent for socializing with his mistress.Of course, if your spouse is a workaholic and always fanatically committed to the cause, then suspect him of infidelity is not an excuse.But if it is "suddenly" became completely give themselves to work or changed the schedule of its work, and he chose to travel - there is every reason to think about her husband's infidelity.

Evidence and smell.If at the end of the day man does not smell sweat, and the women's toilet water - is a serious argument in favor of infidelity.The appearance of her husband's new small gizmos, traces of lipstick on his shirt - it attentions of another woman.

Women's betrayal

Men are quite difficult to recognize the betrayal of his wife.After all, they are different little things and small changes are less alert.In addition, men, unlike women, are trying not to think about such things and rarely torture themselves with questions, how to determine the betrayal of his wife.For men, betrayal - it is always a heavy blow to their self-esteem.To answer the question: how to define treason girls, there are many signs.

  • Change hobbies.For example, your wife all of a sudden became interested in cars, football and other things, which it had previously been indifferent.
  • changes in appearance.If your girlfriend or wife began to visit beauty salons and fitness clubs often sat on a diet and started to get involved in yoga, as well as updated great part of her wardrobe, it is also a reason to worry.
  • good mood.The wife began to find fault with you less, she constantly good mood, she was always happy and cheerful, although such conduct special povodovobektivno you do not find.
  • delays at work.A girl or woman is increasingly delayed at work, without explaining the reasons for the late appearance of the house, and she feels irritated at the slightest questioning of it - it is also a cause for concern.

Armed with the knowledge gained from this article, you can easily recognize the betrayal.We hope your second half will not disappoint you, and give reasons to incriminate them of treason.