How to treat treason ?

Betrayal brings a lot of pain, especially if you betrayed the man you yesterday was considered the most near and dear.Resentment strangling the throat and head spinning disgusting thought.But not all react to this phenomenon, because some of the ladies think mainly that her husband does not spend salary, while his wife gives, and the children did not cast one.Some are of the opinion that change brings to the relationship a certain poignancy, sparking jealousy and her passion.

But in any case, between two people three people there.Learning of this, do not rush to raise a stink and throw things out the window spouse.If you do not know how to treat her husband's infidelity, do not jump to conclusions and do not make rash decisions.You can cry, kill all the dishes.Blow off steam, to defuse the situation.

Once you have calmed down, find out who your opponent.How long have they found?Relationships are serious or passing fad?Collect information of this kind, of course, unpleasant.Attitude to change largely determined by knowledge of its causes.Agree, there is a difference when your beloved caught on a hook, and when he deliberately, knowing that hurt you, maintains a relationship with another woman.It may be that he has long loved her, and to interrupt the novel is not going to.So be prepared for anything.

You have to make a difficult step - said her husband and his mistress, that you know the truth.You have the right to demand an explanation, but at this point behave calmly.Everyone is so clear that the cause of your anger and aggression is cheating spouse.

What can be done?

So make conclusions about how to relate to the change that you have learned all of these respects.If the husband loves another for a long time and still not gone just because of pity for you, the most correct gesture on your part would be to let this poor man.You have to value yourself and not allow anyone to humiliate you and deceive.

also cause infidelity may be the appearance of coldness in the relationship and the monotony of everyday home life.Most of the men are satisfied, and collect things immediately after the betrayal, he is in no hurry.It's so convenient: at home everything, ironed clothes, lunch, cooked, life goes steadily and is not expected any uncomfortable changes.I wanted to love and passion, please - always a lover caress.In this situation, the decision is up to you whether you will be able to continue to live with this selfish and untrustworthy person?

So, what to do - to understand and to forgive, or pull down the stairs?Sometimes, of course, it is difficult to understand a person, in fact so complex and diverse relationship psychology.Treason is nothing behind not leave.Try to let go of all your negativity, and possibly your attitude to this act of a loved one will change and do not have anything to break and destroy.Her husband still understand what goes wrong, and try again to regain your trust.