Where is the point G?

One of the most troubling issues for men is this: where is the G spot in women?It is not just a place called "the highest point of pleasure."Together with the clitoris, point G, and more specifically - its stimulation can bring a woman to orgasm in the brightest of her life.Doctors believe that stimulation of the G-spot in women, will bring her to orgasm very quickly, as opposed to other methods.

Where women point G

G-spot is a kind of a slight bulge, which is located on the front wall of the vagina.On average, its size is about one centimeter, every woman has her location is strictly individual condition.If a partner for the first time trying to find the point at his partner, it is best to do it when the woman is already aroused.The most convenient way to search for the point G in this position, when the girl lying on her back severely.The man, after preliminaries, introduces a finger into the vagina and gently touches them to the front wall of the vagina, at a distance of 2-5 cm from the entrance.At the touch of this point looks like a small lump or bulge in the form it is compared with the walnut is very small in size.Around the same way, a woman can independently detect this point - it is better to do it in a state of extreme excitement, to get the most unforgettable experience.

G-spot in men, where it is

Massaging the prostate at times intensifies orgasms in men and affects prosperous movement of sperm, but it does not mean that men have a point of G. In addition, the prostate is considered to be a very powerful erogenous zone.During the massage, the male erogenous zones, a man can experience orgasm even without stimulation of the penis.The prostate gland is the size and shape resembles a chestnut.

Find it difficult, but if desired, it is possible.Search should touch.It is located below the bladder and surrounds the entire upper part of the urinary track.To get to the prostate is only possible through the anus - to do this, we must move forward by about 4-5 centimeters.From the stomach, the front wall, it is necessary to find a small bulge.This intimate distant location compels every man really begin to doubt - whether he needs such unearthly and blazhenstvennoe pleasure - because it can be taken as representative of the homosexual.

If you do not understand where the point G, the video on the Internet can help you with this.But as they say, is better once to feel than see a hundred times.