How to win the boy ?

A guy like you, and you want to meet him?Then go ahead!Win his heart using simple psychological techniques!

How to win the boy of her dreams

  1. Smile, constantly be in a good mood, and be merry with my friends and be happy life.The most common mistake girls that many specially sad, "include beech."They think that this will attract the attention of a Man.No, guys like fun, friendly and smiling girls, proved !!!Look at your preference: Who do you like now, describe it.He was always gloomy and sad, or vice versa soul of the company and a smiling confident guy?Of course, not beech, and you behave well - smile more often and smiles at him.The boy is not a mind reader and does not understand what interested you when you tell him you will not show it.Go ahead, one can not help you, but you most.
  2. Create view confident and independent.The girls, who know his worth, do not hesitate to let the jokes about boys and refuse, more boys cling.Look at the self-assured and independent classmates, find a company that you can be the same.
  3. herd mentality.Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, remember that herd mentality has not been canceled.If a boy sees that you like the other guys, he absolutely pay attention to you.Sometimes guys do not even understand why they all like the same girl in the class, just in their company has developed a beauty ideal for the herd instinct.If the other is not, then I want it: in another plate food always seems to taste better.On the one hand you can flirt, laugh and chat with different boys, keeping them on a short leash, allowing to communicate with you, but on the other hand, you should not allow them to more.Glancing at this time on his beloved boy, letting him understand that they can not, and you may be possible.You can find a good male friend who you play up, triggering the desired feeling you boy.
  4. caught his eye all the time!geographical proximity factor proven by psychologists.Those whom we often see with whom we communicate more, we begin to like it.Enroll in its section, whether to change with him, do not hesitate to sit down in the canteen, citing a busy place.
  5. Show that you like him.Even if it is early, and he has not noticed you, he will think of you and consider your candidacy.It is proved, we begin to like people who like us.
  6. How to win the heart of a boy, if you have the opportunity to communicate with him?Carefully and always listen to it, I enjoy it all.Cling to any words in his speech to clarify something, because you show interest in what he says.For example, he will say: "Today I was late because vygulivaya dog, she fell off the leash."Immediately ask admiringly: "You have a dog ?! And what?"And so on.Keep the conversation.

Good luck in winning the boy's heart!You will succeed, believe in yourself and smile.